How to Choose the Perfect Rug for the Nursery and Kids’ Room


Introducing stylish area rugs is a simple way to create a comfortable and playful atmosphere in the nursery or kids’ room. They can help you design an environment where you children will feel safe and cosy while and introduce an interesting and inspiring design that will spark your children’s creativity and imagination. However, since carpets and rugs are often home to numerous toxins and allergens, you need to make sure to choose a baby- and kid-friendly rug that will fit the general style of the room.

Choose natural materials

Although rugs made of synthetic materials might have the most adorable patterns, they are often produced using toxic chemicals that they can off-gas into the air. Rugs made of natural materials, such as wool, sisal, cotton, jute and others, are a much safer option for the nursery or kids’ room because they are healthier. You can go with soft wool or sisal rugs that are naturally hypoallergenic, non-toxic and antibacterial and, thus, more appropriate for children’s room. Although natural rugs are generally more expensive, they are a long-term investment that will help you create a safe and healthy environment for your children. Just make sure to buy certified rugs that haven’t been treated with toxic chemicals.


Consider the texture

Texture is an important factor to consider when buying a rug for the nursery or kids’ room. To make sure that you’ve picked the most appropriate rug, it’s not enough to choose the softest one there is. Rugs can be bonded, woven and tufted – the first two are usually used for commercial spaces, while tufted are used in homes. Tufted rugs come in loop, cut and cut-loop combinations, each one with their own characteristics. When it comes to nurseries and children’s rooms, dense cut pile or loop pile are the most suitable option because they are easier to clean, more durable and keep dirt at the surface. Other types can keep allergens, tiny particles and small toys deep within indentations. Thus, when choosing an area rug for your kids’ room, you should go with thick and low-height loop or cut piles.

Pick the right size and shape

The size and shape of a rug will largely depend on the size and shape of the room or different zones. Since rugs are usually used for children’s play areas, you need to pick one that will be large enough so that your kids can comfortably sit and play on it. If they have a tiny table with chairs in their room where they often host tea parties, you should place a rug beneath the table and choose a large one so that when your kids pull their chairs back, they will still be on the rug. For these purposes, both round and rectangular shapes will do the trick. If you want to place a rug next to your kids’ beds or the crib, you should go with a rectangular shape to fit the design.

Introduce colours and patterns

Apart from creating a comfortable ambiance and an inviting look, area rugs are lovely accessories that can elevate the décor of your children’s room or nursery. If you go with beautifully designed kids rugs with lovely patterns and cheerful colours, you will create a playful atmosphere that will simply inspire your children. If the space features a neutral colour scheme, an area rug in a more vibrant hue will create a stylish contrast and work as a stunning focal point. You can also use rugs to add interesting patterns against a monochromatic backdrop. From lovely nature-inspired motifs to specific themes and characters, you can choose an area rugs that your kids will simply love.


Don’t forget the maintenance

Area rugs in your children’s room or nursery should be easy to clean, durable and stain-resistant. Considering that children are clumsy and careless, you can expect a lot spills, dirt from the outside and the like. As already mentioned, dense cut or loop piles are much easier to clean. You can also find a washable rug that you can just pop into your washing machine and let it do the trick. Nonetheless, when buying a rug, make sure to ask what the most appropriate and kid-friendly cleaning method is.

Keeping these factors in mind when choosing a rug for the nursery or kids’ room will ensure that you find the perfect one that will help you create a safe and inspiring environment for your children.