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By: Zara Lewis


Many new mums claim that shopping for infant clothes is one of the new perks of motherhood – it is fun and exciting, and so satisfying at the same time! However, it’s not all about being cute – clothes need to protect your newborn and allow it to move with ease. If you are not sure whether you’re doing right or not – stay with us. Here are some useful tips on how to choose the right clothes for your baby according to season.


Summer cuteness

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When it comes to choosing an appropriate summer outfit for your baby, layering up is essential. This may sound silly, but the fact is that babies need an extra layer to warm them up in the chilly evening or cool them down when it’s hot.  Apart from that, a hat is required during summer. Choose a lightweight one with a brim that will keep their tiny heads protected from the harmful sun rays. Besides being practical, a hat is an ultimate accessory that will make your little one super stylish!


Lovely autumn

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Babies are well-known for taking their socks off when the weather is hot, and that’s the case with early autumn. For this reason, you should always have an extra pair in your diaper bag, since these can easily get lost. You should always make sure that their feet and hands are warm, so mittens are also obligatory for newborns. Long sleeves and pants are necessary in the autumn, as is the hat, since the sun rays are still strong. It’s also important to make sure the clothes are not too tight, so that they don’t hamper baby’s movement.


Winter wonderland

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As soon as winter comes, many new mums are tempted to dress their newborns into one super-warm garment. However, this is a rookie mistake that needs to be avoided. It’s always much easier to layer up and then remove a few extra layers, than to go home in order to remove that one piece of clothing and go outside again. Apart from that, it is important not to over bundle your baby – if it’s dressed in too many layers, it can easily overheat. This is exactly why you should dress your little one in the same number of layers you’re wearing and just bring an extra blanket.


Spring style

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Similarly to dressing your baby in autumn, you should always have long sleeves and pants in mind. Even though cold winter days are behind, you should still layer up, since temperature tend to vary. The best way to see if your little one got too warm or too chilly is to check under his or her arms, or the nape of neck. Since their hands and feet are always cool to the touch, these are not very reliable areas to check.


Special occasions on point

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There is nothing cuter than a baby dressed in fancy clothes! The perfect outfit depends on the occasion itself – birthday, christening, or even a wedding are some possible options. We can say that the second one is one of the most important events in a Christian family’s life, so make sure that you have that covered in the best possible way.  A baptized baby should wear white from head to toe, together with the cutest christening shoes that match the whole outfit perfectly. That will provide a perfect dose of elegance that is necessary for a traditional occasion such as this one.


Now that you have read all of our tips, it will be much easier for you to choose appropriate outfits for every season and dress your baby accordingly. Even though this may seem hard to accomplish, trust us – it doesn’t have to be like that. Just make sure that you always have one extra layer with you, and everything will be just fine!