How to Get Mold Out of Fabric In Stroller- A stroller can be a great asset to a parent who is looking to go out and about, run errands and get around their town or city with their baby. With all of these activity, sometimes we notice that the stroller may have developed some mold on it. Whether it has been sitting in a garage for a long time or it had gotten wet and developed a bit of mold, we have to be diligent in cleaning the mold out of fabric in the stroller.

What is Mold?

Mold is a fungus. It loves warm and moist conditions and continues to grow in those conditions. Mold produces spores which continue to spread across a surface. The colors of mold can vary, depending on the type, but generally it can be black or white. Mold is dangerous to ingest and breathe in and is considered a danger to humans.

Why Is There Mold On My Stroller?

Mold is such a pain. It comes in a variety of colors and types of fungi. None of them are safe for your baby. There are many reasons as to why there is mold on your stroller. Mold can grow quickly or slowly and come as a surprise. Here are some of the reasons why you may find mold on your stroller.

You Leave Your Stroller Outside

Leaving your stroller outside makes sense at first. You don’t bring it in the house so it tracts in mud and dirt. Secondly, strollers are bulky and its hard to find a place to put them. However, usually this means your stroller is exposed to the elements. If you have a rainy few days or your stroller does not dry off, the fabric part of the stroller may start to produce mold. Similarly, if it is raining and hot, mold can grow quickly on your stroller in a matter of hours.

Leftover Food on The Stroller

Your baby may be snacking and may forget about some food in a crevice of the stroller. Over time, this piece of food begins to attract that dangerous mold. It can transfer onto the fabric of the stroller. This can be dangerous to your baby.

Spilled Milk on the Stroller

If your baby spills milk onto the fabric of the stroller and it is not cleaned, it could eventually cause a mold on the stroller. This could be dangerous for your baby.

Urine or Poop That Was Not Properly Cleaned

Diaper blowouts happen. They can be stinky and cause a huge mess. Also, diaper blow outs can cause pee and poo to go everywhere. If you miss a spot, or forget to clean up some of the mess, it can mold very quickly, not to mention stink!

Parents Spilling Food Or Drink

Parents can cause accidents too. If some of your coffee or snack spills onto your child’s stroller top or the fabric of the stroller, it could eventually cause mold. Similarly, if snacks are left in the storage compartment of the stroller, it could really cause mold.

The Stroller Is Left In A Warm, Wet Non Ventilated Area

A stroller is integral to take with your baby. Similarly, it can be bulky and hard to store. They often end up in sheds, garages and other places in between having children or for temporary storage. However, this unfortunately leads to mold. Poorly ventilated areas that are warm and moist is a perfect breeding ground for mold. A stroller with fabric can be a perfect place for mold to grow.

Is Mold On The Stroller Dangerous?

Is mold on the stroller dangerous? It can be! Mold on the stroller can cause respiratory challenges for your baby. Secondly, mold can cause baby to have a reaction to the mold. This can include but not limited to, gasping for breath, rashes, sneezing constantly, wheezing and more. Getting mold off of a stroller as soon as possible is integral as soon as it is discovered.

Can mold be washed out of fabric?

Mold can be tricky, disgusting and most importantly, dangerous. It can really harm your baby. You need to get it out immediately. However, if you find mold on your stroller that does not mean that you have lost the stroller fabric all together. Most molds can be washed out of fabric!

Depending on the type of mold and how it started to grow on the stroller, you may see black, white or green mold on a stroller.

How do I clean a fabric stroller?

It is possible to clean a fabric stroller from mold with the right ingredients. Firstly, find out the make and model of your stroller. Secondly, contact the stroller maker and see if any of the colors on your stroller fabric will bleed if you use any cleaning agents. Lastly, once you get the okay from the manufacturer, it’s time to clean!

What Temperature Does The Water Need To Be To Wash Mold Off of A Stroller

Mold can come off of stroller fabric. However, the water needs to be a certain temperature. Hot water is so important because it need to be hot enough to kill mold. The majority of fungi that is in mold dies at approximately 140 degrees Fahrenheit. You are going to need to take off the stroller fabric from the stroller itself and immerse it for over five minutes in this hot water.

What will take mold out of fabric?

Once the mold has been immersed in hot water, it is important to get a cleaner to kill the mold. Many mold cleaners that specialize in fabric can attest to killing mold and getting it removed from fabric. However, if you want to avoid basic chemicals, there is a mixture you can make at home that can help.

Firstly, make sure with the manufacturer that these ingredients if sprayed onto the stroller fabric will not harm the stroller fabric or compromise the stroller fabric design.

A Safe Stroller Fabric Cleaning Recipe

Some families are looking for the safer, more easier option to clean mold off of fabric from a stroller. It is possible! Here is a safe and easy stroller fabric cleaning recipe that can help remove mold for good.

1 Cup of Water

1/3 a teaspoon of Baking Soda

Mix well. It should look like a diluted paste. Place the paste on the spot that has mold. Leave there for fifteen minutes. Carefully wipe off the stain for results.

Vinegar Solution For Mold On The Stroller

Use vinegar to clean the stroller! Sometimes, vinegar is the best solution! This solution is still safe, a little more potent and stronger to take out those hard to get out mold stains.

1 Cup of Vinegar

4 Teaspoons of Baking Soda

Mix together until it is a paste. Place the paste on the affected area for fifteen minutes. Carefully remove the paste after the fifteen minutes are up. The mold should be completely removed! If not, reapply paste again and leave on for another fifteen minutes. If you need to, pressure wash the stroller or use a hose with a sprayer to clean the stroller. These two above solutions are perfect methods on how to get mold out of the stroller fabric without using bleach.

Bleach Solution for Mold On The Stroller

Make sure to use this solution when you have tried anything else. Bleach is a strong chemical and you don’t want your baby breathing in old bleach fumes. For every cup of bleach, you should add one gallon of water. Mix well together and then use a brush to apply to the mold spots. Scrub and leave for fifteen minutes.

Make sure to speak to the manufacturer first if bleach can negatively effect the stroller fabric design. Bleach is the strongest of these solutions so wear gloves and be careful when applying the mixture. Do not mix your bleach mixture with any other cleaners.

How To Get Mold Out Of A Stroller

Getting mold out of a stroller does not have to be hard. Similarly, it happens a lot. Spills, missed food and moist, unventilated areas are some of the reasons mold can develop. However, it does not mean that you have to get a brand new stroller because of mold! We have given you three recipes of mold killers with ingredients that you have at home! Alternatively, you can use bleaches and cleaners that you can find at your local store.

Be sure to contact the manufacturer before attempting to use a cleaner! Depending if your stroller is on warranty, the manufacturer may replace the fabric on your stroller. If not, these cleaning agents will help you eliminate mold for good.

Remember that mold can be dangerous, so it is important to get it off of the stroller fabric as soon as possible.