How to keep babies hands warm at night- When you pick up your baby in the morning you realize that their hands feel ice cold! They are so little but their hands are not retaining heat like they should in the night time. This is unfortunately common and you want your little one to be a comfortable temperature through out the whole evening! There are many ways to manage this and make it easier for your little one to survive the night. Here are many different tips to help keep babies hands warm at night,

Why Are My Babies Hands Cold Overnight?

There are many reasons why your babies hands are cold overnight. Firstly, the room itself is cool and babies hands are not wrapped up and retaining warmth. Secondly, baby is asleep and not moving around so the hands are still and absorbing the cool air around them. Lastly, baby needs to be in a warmer environment and their hands and toes are much cooler than the rest of the body.

Babies can be cold in the summer but especially in winter months during the colder seasons. Baby has very tiny fingers and toes. It is a good idea to check the fingers and toes for being cold once you have woken up to see your baby.

Is It Normal That My Baby’s Hands Are Cold?

It is normal that your babies hands are cold during the day or evening. Babies core temperature is regulating and is learning how to regulate the entire body. However, to keep babies as comfortable as possible, there are solutions to help them retain heat in their extremities and stay warmer through out their young life.

How To Keep Your Babies Hands (and Feet) Warm At Night

There are many ways to keep your sweet babies hands and feet warm at night. Firstly, many parents are concerned to keep their baby warm, especially during winter months if they are very young. We have some top tips to help you keep baby warm and snuggly. This helps the baby and your entire family.

When baby is comfortable, they tend to sleep longer. If you notice your child is waking every hour or less and crying out to you, these top tips may help your baby get a better sleep. When baby gets a better sleep then the whole family gets a better sleep!

If you notice that baby is cold on the hands or feet, be sure to check their entire body. We must make sure that babies core is warm. If it is, we can continue the tips to keep your babies hands and feet warm. If your baby is not warm on the core of their body, then you have to examine other reasons. Maybe they are wearing very light clothing and need something that is much warmer. Double check the child’s temperature and the temperature in their room or where they’re sleeping.

If you seem to be stumped as to why your child is so cold and all of these tips are not helping, call your doctor immediately. Otherwise, check out these top tips to keep your child nice and warm day and night!

Check The Temperature of the Room

Parents are often times surprised how the temperature in one room in the house varies from another room in the house. We may spend only a few minutes a night in our children’s bedroom, but it can be surprising how cold the room is.

There are many reasons why a room is colder than the rest of the house. Similarly, your child could have cold hands and feet because of the room temperature. Here are some ways to control the temperature in the room:

Check the Insulation in the House

There are so many houses that are insulated differently. Older homes tend to have different insulation choices. In some, we can see asbestos. In others that are built from the 1930s or earlier, interior walls may have newspaper or nothing at all blocking your home from the elements. Insulation should be put in by an expert. Consult an insulation expert if you think a lot of your indoor heat is escaping from the babies room. Your baby may feel warmer once the insulation is checked and upgraded!

Check The Baby Room Windows

Windows are a bad culprit for hot air leaks. The nice warm air from the inside escapes around windows causing the bedroom to be cool. To make sure that this does not happen, assess how old the windows are. If they are decades old, they may be leaking out that coveted warm air from your babies room.

Secondly check to see if the windows need to be resealed from the inside or the outside. This cost effective upgrade does not hurt the wallet but can save you hundreds of dollars over the years. Most of all, it will help your baby stay nice and warm in their bedroom.

Give Baby Mittens

Baby mittens are a great way to retain heat and help your babies hands feel warm at night. These little mittens that are also used to stop your baby from scratching themselves from their nails can be a two way positive result. Firstly the heat your baby’s hand produces will keep insulated within the glove. Your baby’s heat will keep those hands warm.

baby hat

Putting a baby hat on your baby before they go to sleep may help them retain heat around their body all together. Your head holds the majority of your heat and if the head has a hat, it can help your baby’s entire body stay warmer longer. Use that heat coming from the head to keep baby nice and warm during those cool nights.


For many people including babies, when your feet are cold, your whole body is cold! Generally, if your baby’s hands are cold their feet are cold too. You can keep baby warm with a small pair of socks. As the feet heat up, the body starts to better regulate temperature. Your baby’s hands may begin to warm within minutes.

Sleep Sack

A sleep sack is a great way to keep your baby warm. Simply put your baby into their sleep slack before bed and place them in their crib. Your baby will retain heat being snug in the sleep sack. In the morning, you will notice that your child’s hands are warm and comfortable rather than cold. Some parents purchase multiple sleep sacks because their child will use one every night.


When you wrap your baby in a very night blanket and swaddle them correctly, they will be nice and warm through out the night. This works best for newborns and will not work for an older baby who is already crawling and can wiggle out of a swaddling situation. For infants, swaddling helps them keep the heat and stay warm through out the night.

These are our favorite recommendations to help keep your baby’s hands warm at night. Alternatively, if your child is still exhibiting cold hands after trying all of these tips, be sure to speak to your doctor and have your baby go in for a full examination.

Do Not Do These Things To Keep Your Baby Warm At Night

There are many great ways to keep your baby warm at night, but there are so big no nos when trying to keep your baby warm. They can lead to accident, cause SIDS, or injury to your baby. Here are just a few ways NOT to warm your baby at night.

Turn up the temperature in their room

Making a big change to the temperature of the bedroom is a big no no. Baby could begin to sweat, dehydrate or other dangerous situations. Keeping the temperature at a comfortable rate is integral. If your baby is really cold, there are other safer ways to keep them warm.

Space heater

Space heaters, especially old space heaters, can be finicky. Some continue to heat the room and not regulate temperature. Some space heater apparatuses heat up on their own and can cause a fire. Lastly, it is possible that something could fall on the space heater, trapping the heat, causing a fire. Space heaters are great in many incidences but should be kept away from newborn babies.

Heavy blanket

A heavy blanket may warm your infant up quickly but they an be incredibly dangerous. Your baby may accidentally get under the covers and stuck. They could heat up or suffer from SIDS. This is dangerous and a possibly fatal decision. It is best to look into swaddling or sleep sacks as a safer alternative to keeping your child warm at night.

Keeping Baby’s Hands Warm At Night

Keeping your baby’s hands warm at night does not have to be a struggle. With these top tips and don’ts you will be able to find the perfect way to keep your baby warm during their good night sleep.

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