Everyone, including your baby, needs to stay warm during winter. Ensuring that she’s neither too cold nor too hot during the cold season is quite a challenge. But you have to face that challenge because you are her parent and no one else will. You can dump baggy jackets and falling blankets on your little-loved one, or you can purpose to search for nice baby attire and other necessities for her.

Keeping Your Baby Warm During The Winter

Washing your baby might be one of the chores you want to do thoughtfully. Use warm, not hot water and a mild baby cleanser to wash her and don’t let her stay in the tub for long. Take her out and quickly dry her body (don’t rub). Then apply a mild lotion or emollient on her skin. Dress her immediately as per the guidelines provided below.

At night, your little bundle of joy will need something on her to keep her cozy while not letting her get too warm. Ever heard about SIDs – sudden infant death syndrome – or cot death? It’s caused by overheating of the baby’s body. The room won’t need any heating; temperatures should be maintained between 16 and 20 degrees C. Have a room thermometer around for this purpose.

The Right Clothing To Keep Baby Warm During The Winter

Consider the following clothing for the baby: soft, one-piece footed sleepers to keep your baby warm from toe to head, undershirt or bodysuit can be added under the sleeper, and/or sleeveless wearable blankets to keep your baby warm.

When inside the car, dress the baby in thin layers then tuck a blanket around her. When the temperatures are abnormally low, a long-sleeved one-piece outfit, a cotton sweater, and thick blankets can help to keep her warm. Remove the blanket when the car gets warmer or she feels too warm. Tip: Don’t feel your baby’s temperature by touching her hands and feet. They can, and often will be colder than the body. But if they look blue or blotchy, it means they are feeling cold and you can add some socks or boots.

A snowsuit is to be kept close too so that whenever you are getting out of the car you can slip her inside. Babies lose a lot of heat through the head. Making sure that she has a warm hat on always is a no-brainer.

Plan Before You Go Outside

If you are taking a walk out to get some fresh air, you first need to know how long is not too long for the baby. You decide when the weather is too bitter for her and when it’s friendlier. Whenever you are planning to go outside, make sure she has at least one layer of clothing more than you do. Remember to put some gloves on her and an extra pair near especially if she tends to suck her fingers.

Carry extra clothing and keep them near so that you can dress her up as quickly as possible when needed. Generally, outdoor trips should be short. Make sure you keep an eye on her behavior as you take her around. If she starts fussing after a while, take it as a signal that it might be getting cold for her.