How to Keep Your Child’s Sleep on Track When They Are Sick

 By:Jenn Kelner, CPA, CA
Certified Child Sleep Consultant

Unlike travel, you can’t plan when your child will get sick.  If your child does become ill, it’s important to put all sleep training on hold and help your child become healthy again.  To help them stay well rested and get back on track as quickly as possible, follow these 3 tips.  

1. Respond to your child when they are sick

All bets are off when your child gets sicks.  Respond to their cries and do whatever you need to do to help them feel better – use a humidifier, give them medicine, give them fluids, or aspirate their nose.  Hold your child and comfort them as much as you feel they need. 

2. Bend the rules, don’t break them

You want to make sure you look after your child when they are sick, but don’t completely overdo it.  If you create new habits, it will be much more difficult to get your child back to their normal routine and schedule.  It also helps to give your child what they may need before they have to cry for it. 

3. Get back on track

Get your child back on their usual schedule and routine as soon as they are healthy again.  If they missed some sleep while they were sick, offer them an earlier bedtime to help them catch up on sleep.  You may have to sleep train for one night to help your child sleep through the night again, but the sooner you get back to their regular routine, the sooner they will adjust.

Remember, a child who is getting adequate sleep has a better immune system and is less likely to get sick in the first place.  Help your child stay healthy by making sure they get lots of rest!