What is a flea bomb?

A flea bomb which is also known as a fogger is a spray that you activate so that it can release a superfine mist of harmful chemicals that are used to kill pests such as fleas. A flea bomb can kill adult fleas, larvae, and flea eggs.

If you are a pet owner, you must have experienced an invasion by fleas especially when the weather is warm. Thankfully, you can manage fleas by use of the best flea bombs available on the market today.

If you have never experienced the frustration that is caused by fleas, you might never understand how these types of pests can be stressful especially when they gather in your couches.

The only option when you are invaded by fleas is to call a pest exterminator or use flea bombs and get rid of these frustrating pests.

If you decide to DIY, you must ensure to do some preparations before you start what is called flea bombing or flea fogging. First, you need to do a thorough cleaning of your house which will make even those fleas hiding come out. While preparing, you should ensure you:

  • Clean your pet’s bedding to get rid of the fleas that might be breeding inside.
  • Clean all the carpets and wash all floors.
  • Switch off your air conditioning.
  • Ensure all foods are covered. It is good to ensure no flea bomb insecticide reaches your food, not only your food but your pet food too.
  • Put all cutlery and cooking appliances in covered cupboards.
  • All food-related appliances should also be stored in closed cupboards.
  • Put all toys far from reach by flea bomb insecticides.
  • Put all plants away from the place you want to treat.
  • Take your pets in a far place away in a place where they cannot come into contact with the flea bomb insecticides.
  • Put all your clothes and toiletries in a bag to avoid contaminating them with poisonous flea bombs.
  • Put on your masks as well as all the other people who you are working with to exterminate fleas. This will prevent you from getting exposed to harmful chemicals.

The flea bombing/fogging process

Read the instructions from the manufacturer that come with the flea bomb carefully so that you understand the quantity needed for the space you wish to treat.

The chemicals that come in a flea bomb are different between manufacturers, however, most of those that come listed on the outside part of the can are:

  • Permethrin – This is used to kill adult fleas.
  • (S) – This chemical will prevent fleas from breeding.
  • Nylar – Used to interfere with the flea lifecycle.
  • Pyrethrum- An insecticide extracted from plants which are used to kill adult fleas.

Now it’s time to start the flea bombing. Ensure to cover your face with the masks that you buy with your flea bomb and shake the flea bomb vigorously to mix up the content inside.

Push the release valve hard to open the flea bomb canister. It is advisable to strongly release the valve so that it does not stop during the flea bombing exercise. Start from the far end of your room and proceed backward towards your door and ensure not to come closer to the cloud of spray that is created.

Once you are done close the door immediately and leave it closed for some time.

After about 7 to 8 hours, you can return back to your house and open all the windows you had closed. Turn on your fans to move out any fumes that have accumulated in the room.

Clean your floor by moping. Clean the cupboards and cabinets. Ensure to clean everything but avoid vacuuming your carpets since it can be an escape place for fleas.

You can vacuum your carpets after three days of flea bombing. Repeat flea bombing after every two months to do away with these pests completely.