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Children start school at an age where they need help. Parents need to know and realize that how their children start school will then affect their progress and future. Parents have to make proper arrangements on how to prepare their kids for school. It is essential and vital to have a plan for this preparation. Children at this age require the help and assistance of their parents.

Talk to the Child

Talking to the child about school is good and vital. It determines the motivation the child will have while joining a school. The child needs to learn how important or essential schooling is. Parents need to use a language the child understands. Once the role of school and needs to attend are made clear for the child, their motivation, and morale to get to school and commence learning will increase without a doubt. The parent ought to assure the child of the support they will give. The child may not fully understand the meaning and even importance of school so simply. However continued talk about the same will make and instill some sense in the child. Making the child like school is essential


Make the Child Like School

Positive talk about school and learning is essential. Use examples of how you enjoyed the school life and learning. The child may like school even before they get there. The need for the child to like school is crucial and critical. Tell them how good it is to meet new people including teachers and other students. Meeting new people is a good and wise step towards preparation of a child for school. It is essential as it assists to drive off fear from the child’s mind. The child gets eager and ready to meet new people.

Connect with the Teacher

Connecting with the teacher is vital as it makes the child view the teacher as a friend. The parent can have some arrangements made to visit the teacher with the child. The essence is to familiarize the child with the teacher as a friend. Fear can thus be driven off the child very easily, and this is a wonderful way of preparing the child for school. During such visits, the parents need to discuss the fears of their children to the teacher. It is a way of ensuring the connection is maintained, and the parent is kept updated on the progress. The teacher can also enquire about the child’s progress and observations the parent is making on the child.

Structure Homework Space

The life of the child needs to have some adjustments when they start school. They need to do studying with some help and sometimes on their own. They need to do less of video games as they have studying to do and homework to work on and complete. The parents should have some emphasis on the need to do homework. The idea of the creation of some space for the child in a room away from the television and video games is wise. One can provide a desk for the kid to ensure they have some ample space to do and complete homework and assignments. The idea helps the kid in realizing that things have changed. They now know they are in school. Responsibility is learned when they realize that they need to work on some assignments on their own. They also learn to ask and seek assistances when things are hard for them. It is important for the parents to structure the time for doing homework. The child should know the right time that they should do the work. Do not leave the child to stay until they get sleepy so they can work on the assignments. Time should be structured well for the child as this will help them to know when it is time to do homework.

Offer Assistance

The child may have challenging times or assignments. When the child feels discouraged due to events occurring in school, encourage them by bringing in the positive talk. You can also promise to take them to school the following morning. Such assistance is important. If the assignments or homework are difficult or hard for them, move in and help. The child will feel motivated. Tell them how things are done and watch them try on their own. Assistance to the child is good and important.

Meet Other Children from the School and Parents

It is advisable always, to meet parents and children at your child’s school as this helps to ensure that your child makes more friends. With more friends, the child feels free and more at ease. Meeting parents and children should be done especially on the first day for the child in school. Allow the children to mingle and talk. They may feel better when they can talk to each other. Parents can also share contacts or phone numbers. Their children can meet and play games during weekends or holidays, and this is considered to be healthy. Playing games on weekends and holidays works a lot in assisting the child socialize.


Parents should be motivated to motivate their children to join a school. Making the child have a positive mind is essential. It is important to find ways of making your child feel free and at ease.

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