How to Maximize Time with Your Kids

It’s summer time and I want to be home with the kids. I want to spend more time eating ice cream with them, jumping in the pool, and running through the sprinkler. But I still have a job … how does a busy mom make the most of the summer with her kids?!

Below are my 4 easy ways to maximize fun with the kids.

1) Take some time off. Taking an entire day off may be difficult, but what about just a morning, or leaving work 2 hours early in the afternoon? You would be surprised how much you can do with kids in just a few hours, like run through the sprinkler with them, paint a picture, or ride bicycles. Even something small can be a lot of fun and they will appreciate every minute!

2) Grab some ice cream. Ice cream after camp always seems to do the trick. I like to give them dinner and a bath and put them in PJ’s, then head out for a quick ice cream. We come home and brush their teeth and they are all ready to go!

3) A summer nighttime movie. I came home last week just an hour early and we got tickets to Despicable 3. Everyone had a GREAT time–air conditioned theater, popcorn, slushy–what more can you ask for??

4) Lemonade stands. They are fun and kids love them! They love the prep involved in making the lemonade, the handmade signs, and setting up the table. Most of all they love the money they collect. The other day my kids made $22 at their lemonade stand in less than an hour, and they were thrilled!