How to Prepare for Motherhood

When you find out you are about to be a mother, so many things are changing at once! You will see major changes in your body, the way you smell food and you may be wondering how you start mentally preparing for motherhood! We have the top tips on how to prepare for motherhood by making it simple. It’s a lot to take in but it does not have to be overwhelming!

How to prepare for motherhood simple steps

Finding out that you are going to be a mother means you have so much to prepare for. It does not have to be overwhelming! We are going to break it down into easy simple steps to make it a smooth transition into motherhood. Here are some simple steps on how to prepare for motherhood emotionally and physically.

How to Prepare Your Body for Motherhood

Your body is constantly changing and your body is also shifting. These changes can feel like they happen overnight! It is time to take care of yourself and put you and your baby first when it comes to physical health and things that require action. Here is how you prepare for motherhood physically.

Treat Yourself

Remember to treat yourself throughout the pregnancy. We do not mean eating a lot of junk food but what we do mean is taking time for yourself to do little things. Take nice walks, soak your feet at night, and sleep in whenever you can. Don’t worry if everything does not get done. You need some you time and keeping yourself as relaxed as possible is a great way to prepare for motherhood.

Eat Well

Enjoy healthy delicious meals that make you feel great. Look up some fun recipes that will give you and your baby the energy you need.

Exercise Carefully

It is great to exercise during pregnancy. If you have lived a sedentary life before, this is not the time to get into a harsh exercise regime. Talk to your doctor about safe exercises to keep healthy throughout your pregnancy.

Take Prenatal Vitamins

Talk to your doctor about taking prenatal vitamins. These will make sure you are getting the vitamins and minerals that you need every day. You and your baby deserve the healthy lifestyle throughout your pregnancy.

Pre-schedule Your Doctor’s Appointments

Having a doctor on your healthcare team is essential. Being pregnant can bring a plethora of surprises and having someone who knows what to expect can not only keep you and your baby safe, but also put your mind at ease. You will have many doctors’ appointments throughout your pregnancy.

If you choose to have a midwife or doula, the sooner you book one the better. They are so popular that they can book up fast so securing your healthcare team as soon as possible is very important.

Book a Massage At Least Once Every Trimester

Your body is growing and your body is shifting! As your body continues to change, you may feel aches and pains. Consider booking some massages with someone who knows a pregnant body. Get a nice, calming massage and enjoy the relaxing time as you continue to take care of your body.

How to Prepare For Motherhood Emotionally

Everyone focuses on physical health but Moms to be also have to focus on mental health. Taking care of yourself emotionally is so important for you and your baby’s well-being. No matter what is going on, take the time to give yourself the gift of healthy emotional health. We have outlined some simple steps to prepare for Motherhood emotionally.

Meditate Daily

Whether you have a lot of extra time or you can spare five minutes a day, try to meditate. Calm your brain and give yourself the gift of calm for just a few moments every day. This daily gift will keep you centered as you go on throughout your pregnancy and your birth

Don’t Think That One Person’s Bad Birth Story Will Be Yours

You may be curious about what birth feels like and Mothers are more than willing to share their experiences with you. Sometimes these experiences are horrible stories that can scare a Mom to be. Walking into an experience scared is not the way to start the birthing process. Though these women’s experiences were real and can sound scary, their birth stories are not the same as your birth story. You will most likely not have the same birth specialist or doctor, you have a different body with different health challenges. Your baby is different. You have so many differences from every person telling these stories.

Birth will be painful, it will be a new experience and you can also have a wonderful and easy birth process. In all, you have a professional there to help you and the pain will be temporary. Once your baby arrives, you will be filled with the joy of being a new Mom. Definitely ask questions and enquire about birth stories but know that the negative birth stories you hear may not be your exact birthing experience.

Ask For Help When You Need It

In the past, women were made to think that asking for help is a weakness. There is nothing more farther from the truth! Asking for help is actually a strength. You may not be at your personal limit but you are keeping good emotional health when you ask for help. Go to trusted family and friends who would be willing to help you out. Whether it is talking about your feelings and fears with someone who has been there to just getting some help cleaning your house or cooking a few meals, getting help can actually be a lifesaver.

Book a Birth Class

For your physical and mental health, book a birth class. Invite your birth partner to also attend and empower yourself with the knowledge of the birthing process and some parenting tips afterwards. Learn how to breathe through pushing, how to swaddle a baby.

Take a First Aid Course

Keeping safe and knowing how to care for others, especially a baby in an emergency will help you and empower you to be a confident new parent. These classes are taught by professionals and are up to date. It is also good to do something for you and your family before the baby arrives. It really gives a peace of mind.

Stay As Stress Free As Possible

Life can make sudden, swift changes that can sometimes knock us on our feet. Sometimes, we can’t help the stressors that we have in our life. We only ask that you consider limiting your stress as much as possible. Stay away from the toxic people, negative people and those darn time vampires as much as you can.

Don’t take on extra projects that can cause a lot of stress or take on huge house projects if you can. Life gets in the way and sometimes you will be pregnant with a lot of stress and we understand. But minimize your stress as much as possible. You and your baby matter.

Make Sure You Are Aligned With Your Partner

Does your partner have the same vision of parenthood as you? Make sure you sit down and talk about the division of responsibilities and finances. Talk about parenting skills and how you would handle certain situations. As long as you both understand how the other person wants to parent, you are setting a strong foundation of parenting in unison.

Keep a Pregnancy Journal

It is a great to keep a pregnancy journal and log your feelings. It would be a great keepsake to look back on but it will also help you sort out your thoughts. From appointments to body changes, you can really learn a lot by writing in your journal.

Don’t Worry About Not Getting Everything Done

If you have a day where you need to relax and you do not get stuff done, don’t stress! Dishes in the sink? Don’t worry, it will get done. It is okay to have a day or a week off. It’s okay if you don’t get everything done.

You are allowed to relax and not keep everything pristine. Be sure to not feel like you have to always be on top of every task.

How to Prepare for Single Motherhood

If you do not have a partner to help you through pregnancy and your birthing process, you will be doing a lot more of these things yourself. You are so strong and a fantastic Mother to be. You can do this.

Prepare a trusted group of people that can rally around you.

For Some single Moms, that looks like friends and family. In other situations, you may not have anyone to help you. If that is the case, go to Single Moms groups on Facebook and connect with other women in your area or around the country. You need to align yourself with other people in similar situations that can understand what you are going through. This friendship can really make life a little easier.

Other Moms may have hacks and tips to make things a bit easier as a new Mom.

Similarly, you have to organize your health decisions for the time of this pregnancy. Talk to your doctor and have your health care professionals rally around you.

Go to your local city or town and see if they have a new Moms club or do anything special for new Moms. That can really help make things a little easier when you start to create your own community that you need to be a successful parent.

If finances is a problem, try talking to the town or city that you are in. Talk to Mom groups and charities and see who can help you out. Remember your situation is temporary and that asking for help is protecting you and your baby. You deserve to have a safe pregnancy and a safe birth.

Be Prepared For Motherhood

With these simple tips, a Mom to be can be prepared for Motherhood emotionally and physically.

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