Congratulations! It is that happy moment, you have something in your womb, but that something is not just something but a baby.

What a happy moment!

You may feel like that moment won’t come to pass, but as days go by, you are nearing to have your baby in your arms. But wait, are you prepared? Are you aware that your baby will need some nappies, ideal backpack diaper bag, diapers,  and a place to be washed? These are just a few of the things you should get ready with since the journey looks longer but short in the long run, so you might be shocked to find out that it’s time to have your baby in your arms yet you haven’t prepared anything for her arrival.

A little advance preparation now will allow you time to relax as you wait for your eagerly awaited God-given gift.

In this post, we have listed some of the ways we thought could help you prepare yourself your baby’s arrival.

Let’s get started!

  1. Educate yourself about the birth process

Many women usually try to put out the birth process until it is late. This is the worst mistake pregnant women make. It is believed that women who educate themselves of the birth process earlier in advance participate well when it comes to giving birth and this makes the process an enjoyable one.

As you wait for your Gog given gift, it is good to start participating in birth class to educate yourself about the labor stages and any other thing related to your pregnancy and delivery.

Take classes while you are pregnant so that you equip yourself on how you should be during and after your delivery. The internet has simplified things; you may decide to search for videos about different ways of giving birth.

In fact, many hospitals offer free baby classes for pregnant parents. Check to see the kind of classes offered and consider taking one that will help you.

  1. Seek for tips from experienced mums

You are not the first one to get pregnant as there are many others who have been there before you, your own mum, friends, and colleagues who already have children or other supportive mums from your community all these people can equip you with the best tips on how you can prepare and live with your baby after your delivery. Use this as an opportunity to educate yourself on what others have experienced.

  1. Talk to your partner

During pregnancy, you are more likely to experience fatigue and other mood swings. Sometimes you may feel like you don’t want anything, you just want to be left alone. It is essential that your partner knows all this so that he can help you. Ensure both of you are on the same page of waiting for your newborn.

Let your partner know how he can be of help during labor. What do you want him to do? If everyone expects different things, this can cause confusion so ensure both of you are on the same page. Avoid assuming that your partner knows what to do during labor and during your delivery. Try to sit down and educate your partner about what help you will need from him.


Pregnancy is not something that will last forever, eventually; you will have your baby but preparations are as good as the activity itself. So prepare early in advance so that your delivery becomes a success.