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Every year we’d be amazed if we came across an article with actual statistics on crimes reported.

The latest report in 2014, was publish last year of 2015
latest crime stats released .


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There were an estimated 8,277,829 property crimes (burglaries, larceny thefts,
and motor vehicle thefts). All this reported by law enforcement and burglary was at a staggering 20.9
percent. $14.3 billion calculated of financial losses suffered by victims of these crimes.
Before, you run off to buy a surveillance camera for your home from us or any other online
shop. Take a good look around your home. With only a few simple steps, low or no cost
measures, you will be able to deter a would be burglar.

The goal for home security should be, to make it so that the casual burglar will be discourage. It
is also impossible to make your house 100 percent secure, but they are measures that will do
90 percent of the job.

Many burglars are either drug addicts looking for easy items to steal and sell. Teenagers are
also breaking into homes for either fun or just to steal.

If your home have been target, there is little that will put off a potential professional burglar.
Following some of our tips will help protect your family even when you away from home. They
will also improve the security safety procedures for your family and home.

Having exterior lighting that works on PIR’s is a good idea. So, if anyone is approaching your
house, the house will light up like fireworks on 4th of July. This also works great if you have
good neighbours.

Installing a surveillance system or an alarm system will do wonders. These systems doesn’t
have to be too expensive but they can help protect your family and home when you away.
Security systems now provide you the benefit of viewing live footage on mobile devices.
Always, make sure you have sensors on all your windows or doors that are not overlooked. In
most cases, they will be the ones a burglar target.

It is also a good idea to have a panic switch near by your bed, that way you can press if you
hear someone trying to gain entry. Putting window locks on all your windows even if they are
small to enter will deter burglars from using them.

If the area where you live is a bad location or you don’t feel safe, put window and door bars with
good locks on them. This will prevent any intruder from using them as access points.
If you ever buy an expensive item, don’t leave any empty packaging on full display beside your
trash. I see this happen often. One time my neighbor bought a 52″ Plasma HD TV, and did the
unthinkable by leaving the empty box in front of his home. Doing that will let everyone know,
he’d just bought a brand new big screen. If I was a burglar I would be thinking “look at that, we
have a new TV on display.” So, if you buy something expensive, ALWAYS throw the container
away somewhere else.

Burglars do travel around neighborhoods during holidays. They like to see who has bought
anything expensive such as a laptop or big screen TV. So, consider throwing your trash away at
your job, a nearby shopping center or at a recycling center.

Having a dog is also a good idea. Most burglars will not mess with a house that has dog. If they
happen to hear a dog bark, they know this home is off limits. A nice looking house to target but
with a ferocious dog’s bark coming out of it is not worth it to a burglar.
If you are planning a vacation for an extended period, do consider a house sitter or family
member stay. Many burglars will avoid a home that has someone in it as there’s an increased
risk of getting caught.

Remember to unplug all unnecessary appliances (except those on timers). This is important in
order for you to protect your home from any electrical mishaps.

Removing all your hiding keys from there location is also important. In the rush of things, it is
possible for you to forget your hidden key. So, go ahead and remove them and don’t forget to
rehide them when you return home.

Don’t get any mail delivered at home and always use a PO Box if possible. The unexpected
might happen where you may be away for a few days (or longer) and you wouldn’t want your
mail to pile up. PO Box are between $50100
dollars a year and they also help to prevent mailtheft. The same goes for newspapers. If you want the paper,

buy it at a store or from a vending machine. NEVER have any packages delivered when you aren’t home.

A package sitting outside your door is a sure sign that you aren’t home.

If your home is expensive and you have the funds to invest. Have a panic room where you can
at least protect your family, yourself and your most treasured items.

Make your home look lived in. Cut the grass and keep any shrubs hedges clear from windows.
Keep them high but low enough so it doesn’t provide a place for burglars to hide. Clean up any
leaves or trash around your home or place of business.

If you considering hiring a cleaning service company, run a background check. Running a
background check on anybody who is going to perform extensive work on your home is good.
This may cost a few dollars, but it may save you far more. You may not have considered this but
be careful who you let into your home.
Try limiting the number of people who enter or stay at your home. Make certain that they are
people who you can trust and that you feel comfortable leaving alone in your home. Take this
assessment of inviting someone into your home. “Do I feel comfortable leaving this person
alone in my home?” If the answer isn’t “Yes”, then don’t have them over.
Always meet and greet your neighbors. You don’t have to get too involved with them or their
personal lives. But, just greeting them in passing and keeping an “eye” out on their home and
their property, may work for you. You never know, they may return the favor with watching over
your home.
Avoid telling people on social media channels when you aren’t going to be home. Even, your
casual acquaintances or service people should not know. While your plans might be
exciting and interesting to you, they may prove to be even MORE exciting to them.
Leave your overhead garage door CLOSED (if you have one), when you are not in your garage.
Also, if your garage has an entrance into your home, leave that door LOCKED at all times. It
might be inconvenient but then again, so is getting robbed.
Put up a “No Soliciting” or “No Trespassing” sign in front of your home. Don’t worry about
“offending” anybody. The kind of people to be offend are only those looking to sell you things…
So, take these tips and start protecting your family even when you are away from home.