Inflatable bouncers and jumpers are amazing to play structures for parties and they are a great way to entertain kids and sometimes adults too. Renting inflatable bouncers is an easy job, but to rent them from the right company is a challenge.

People are usually price driven when they look for bouncers to rent. Most of the rental companies are small private businesses. They need to rent out multiple bouncers so that they can cover employees, gas, advertising and make a profit. But people should also remember that the cheaper the jumpers and bouncers are, the more likely they are to be dirty. They may look clean to our untrained eyes, but with some good experience, you can easily spot a dirty bouncer. Here are a few things that you should look for in a rental company before you rent your jumpers.

The first thing that you should look for in a rental company is whether they come to set up the jumpers and clean them or not. All of these products are vinyl-made so moisture stays in and acts as an incubator for moles and fungus to develop over time. If they are not properly cleaned they cause the kids to cough, irritate them, they may have an allergic reaction or worse. So you need to ensure that they clean those jumpers before leaving.

Secondly, you should also be aware of the fact that jumpers or inflatables are fun but they can be dangerous too. Most companies have secured their bouncers but there are still many who relax on safety issues. If your bouncer, jumpers, moonbounce or any type of inflatables are setups, you should ensure that they are stake-down or weight-down. If it is possible, then get them tied-down to any available strong structure around the setup area. Remember that it is better to be safe than sorry.

Lastly, you should look for a company with general liabilities insurance. Usually, rental companies with insurance are responsible and safety conscious. The last thing that these small private companies want is a lawsuit against them. Remember that even if they have insurance and they failed the first two steps, they are more of a risk to your children and everyone who uses the bouncers. You should not totally rely on insurance because there are some things insurance can’t pay for, and one of them is life. The the first two steps are most important.

We hope too that this article was very helpful to learn about renting inflatables, jumpers, moonbounce, or bouncer. If you remember this fundamental information, you will be easily able to spot good companies that truly provide a good service with safety first in mind. We hope that you can find them and not simply go with the cheapest rental company. We know that prices are important, but safety for your kids and their friends is more important. Companies with medium price range are best to use for you because they fulfill safety requirements and they don’t break your bank account. One of these good companies is Jumpers N Rentals which not gives you best jumpers and bouncers but also provide you discounts on the vet.