Grandparents Playing Favorites


Some of us have experienced grandparents who play favorites. Grandparents who favor one child over the others is not only noticed by the children, but by the parents. Do parents blow it out of proportion? Can you blame a grandparent for connecting with one child over the other? Or is it just best to love each child equally, spending time with every one, making sure that each child gets their special time with their grandparents?

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This week with Ask The Culpeppers, Lakisha and Derrick have a tough question to answer. This seems to be a clear cut case of grandparents playing favorites. Lakisha and Derrick both bring some great advice on how to handle it, without starting a family war.

Grandma: Should We Stop The Madness?

Grandma is taking sister’s kids out and buying presents and spending time with them and not spending time with our reader’s children! The kids have even been told they are not allowed to attend special outings with grandma and the other kids.  Is this Grandparent favoritism? A lot of us sure think so!  Or is our reader jumping the gun? Lakisha and Derrick may have the solution that can help the parents out while staying sane when Grandmas Got Favorites!