How to Teach Your Kids Healthy Habits


Photo credit: Jim Bauer via / CC BY-ND

Parents play a major role in their child’s ability to develop healthy habits. By instilling the right lifestyle during the earliest stages of their childhood, you can provide your kid with the tools that they need to have a great future. While parents can save money by using Kohl’s promo codes on parenting guidebooks, these tips can also serve as an important teaching tool, so read on to learn more:

1. Leading By Example

It is high time for parents to stop leaning on the “do as I say, not as I do” strategy. There’s no reason to be using this tired old terminology and children are too smart to fall for it. If you’d like for your child to develop healthy habits, then all you need to do is be the one to set the example. Children respond best to parents who lead by example and if you’re eating properly and remaining active from a physical standpoint, they are far more likely to heed your advice.

2. Don’t Be Negative

Telling a child “no” all of the time is a great way for them to end up with a negative attitude. Instead of always telling your child what they cannot do, start telling them what they can do. When you keep things in a fun and positive light, children respond much better to instruction. For example, instead of telling them that they can’t watch television if they don’t eat their vegetables, let them know what they will be able to do if they clean that plate.

3. Plan Family Outings

Your family might benefit from regular bike rides or perhaps your children like to play basketball or soccer. There are a number of ways to spend time that allow for physical exercise and keep your family active. Even if it’s something as simple as a walk around the block, scheduling regular physical activities for the whole family instills a healthy way of life from a young age.

4. Limit Their Screen Time

Small children are not meant to be parked in front of a television, computer or tablet for the entirety of their days. While it is an easy way to keep them quiet, it is also a fast track to a sedentary lifestyle. Allowing your children to becoming too dependent on screens at a young age leads to excessive snacking and is one of the leading causes of childhood obesity.

5. Remain Involved

Don’t just send your child to school or a friend’s house and assume that they will be making the right choices. Make sure that healthy snacking options are available to your little ones at all times and take a proactive role in your child’s schooling. Good health habits start at home, but must be carried over once the child steps outside!

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