How to turn your basement into a cozy kids’ playroom


If you are wondering what to do with unused basement space, then making a kids’ playground is the best idea. Kids are always on the lookout for new spaces to play in, so if you don’t want them playing in the park or in the streets when night falls, it would be perfect to have a playroom right in the house where the whole family can have fun together. Here are some tips on how you can make the most use of your basement storage as your kids’ playing ground.

Let some light in

Most basements don’t have windows, which makes brightness a big problem. If it is technically possible for you to install an egress window, you should strongly consider this option. Not only would you be able to provide your children with quality daylight sun rays, but it is also a safety precaution in case of an emergency. If it’s impossible to add windows, try daylight replacement light because it provides the same wave spectrum as sunlight does, making the playroom brighter and easier to see in.

Think about air quality


Windows are needed for more than light, they also let the air in. A basement without windows should have a good ventilation system. Installing a new system is recommended if you plan on making this place a children’s playing area. Basements can also be fairly inconvenient if the temperatures are high or low.

This problem can be efficiently solved by air con. In Australia, where temperatures range from one extreme to the other on a weekly basis, controlling the room temperature is essential for maintaining a comfortable atmosphere. This is why air conditioning installation in Sydney is done with special care, and adjusted differently for home and commercial use. You need quality air con for your basement space to ensure your children don’t get lung diseases.

Don’t separate adult and kids space

A playground should be a playground, and nothing more. You can make an adult corner in the room that can be separated by design itself (using darker colors and different furniture), but not spatially separated so that your kids can’t interact with you. If you want to make this room a truly playful place, then make it purposeful for such a feat. Surround the space with ottomans where adults can sit and play with kids together. Avoid making the adult corner too distant from the playing center, because you want to be close in case the kids need any help or unexpectedly get hurt. Don’t interrupt their play and never place your rules, but let them make their own worlds and wait for them to invite you to play in their world.

Playful carpets


The best flooring solution for a regular basement (and also the most common one) would be wall-to-wall carpeting, but when making a playground, you should consider square carpet tiles instead. Kids are messy, clumsy and careless when it comes to staining and spilling on the carpet, especially if it’s a playroom carpet. Due to this, you would want a carpet that can be easily cleaned and replaced. Carpet tiles can be removed piece by piece, but can still cover the whole floor.

Make sure to choose a playful design that the kids will love and that they can also play with. Street rugs or road carpets are popular options and they can use them to imagine a city map for their car toys, or even make a living place for themselves in a game of pretend. Just make it colorful and playful and you can’t go wrong.

Sustainable interior

Besides the carpet, you need to make sure the rest of the room’s furniture is sustainable, easily cleaned and replaceable. One of the most forgiving fabrics for couches and armchairs is ultra suede. It looks delicate, but you can easily swipe anything off it, and it’s very difficult to tear and damage.

If you want a room that can be easily remodeled after the kids grow bored with it (or outgrow it), then stay away from elaborate themes. Keep the main design simple, but make the room rich with toys and other playful materials you can easily move and replace. You should also avoid brightly colored walls and aim for neutral colors or easy-on wallpaper. Chalkboard paint is also a neat trick for children who love drawing on walls.

Don’t forget to make space for a grandiose entrance, like a slide next to the staircase. Sliding down to the playroom can be extremely fun for both kids and adults. Besides toys, you can fill the room with children’s books, and also make a place for your own favorites in case you want to chill on the side while your kids are playing. But don’t get too cozy and take any chance to join in their play because they will love it. Remember that the playroom you make should be a fun and comfortable place for kids and parents all ages.