How to Use Essential Oils While Pregnant


Essential oils can help improve your mood and relieve the symptoms of several different health problems. They can also help with the stress that comes with pregnancy. While waiting for your little bundle of joy to arrive, you might not be feeling well. You have to be careful about what you use while you are pregnant in order to protect your baby, so some of your go-to remedies may not be readily available. Here are 5 essential oils that are safe to use while pregnant that can help make you more comfortable.

Lavender Oil

Feeling stressed? Lavender oil can help you feel calm and relaxed and even act as a sleep aid. When combined with other oils, it is also great for reducing skin imperfections. However, with all essential oils, make sure you talk to your doctor and wait until the second or third trimester to start using them to prevent any complications for your baby.

Cypress Oil

After 5 months of pregnancy, feel free to break out the cypress oil. This essential oil is known for its ability to reduce anxious feelings and help soothe muscles. Just mix it with a carrier oil and rub onto ankles and feet for a soothing massage. It can also help when dropped into a sitz bath.

Ylang Ylang Oil

Ylang Ylang is a must-have essential oil for pregnant ladies. This oil has a huge array of mental and physical health benefits. Not only does it reduce stress levels and act as an amazing sleep aid, it has even been shown to be calming when massaged. Ylang ylang actually acts as a great mood lifter, so if you are feeling a little down, try diffusing some in your home.

Peppermint Oil

Pregnancy issues got you down? Grab some peppermint oil! Drop some onto your tongue or rub it on your belly or soles of the feet for relieving feelings of tension.  Adding some of this oil to your water throughout the day can also relieve occasional indigestion. The best part is, it tastes and smells like Christmastime!

Lemon Oil

Lemon oil is known for its ability to lift your mood and clear your mind of negative thoughts. That’s why it is perfect for shooing away any pregnancy-related anxious feelings. You can also use it to massage your feet to relieve the pressure and help improve circulation.


Whether you ingest them or rub them onto your body, essential oils are a natural way to get relief during your pregnancy. Just remember to do your research before using any oils during pregnancy to make sure they will help you. You should also make sure you follow the instructions for properly diluting them so you can get the maximum benefit.