We review so many products from companies and brands from all over the world and I love moments like this. The moments that a product is beyond exceptional. There are these moments where it is not only a product you would recommend to a global audience but you know in one way, it is going to change the reader’s life. Make things easier, create memories. The critical stage for parent and baby is bonding. Letting the baby know that they are safe, warm, fed and loved. Enter Human + Mother, our latest obsession.

Human + Mother For Babies | Supporter of Attachment Parenting

When you find out that you’re pregnant, you never suspect that one day you could lose your baby, or your own life. It is heart wrenching but also a reality for thousands of families each year, all over the world.  Human + Mother owner Justine started with the desire to raise awareness of maternal and infant mortality rate in some of the most poorest countries around the world. Let’s make birth safer for oth babies and Mamas.

Justine creates these light weight, trendy and oh so soft baby wraps with two goals in mind: to keep you looking comfortable and stylish in your baby wearing and to help people all over the world.

It sounds simple, right?

It is!

This amazing transparent company is eco concious, safe, non-judgemental and supports attachment parenting.  They also have some New Mama Merchandise coming soon so keep checking humanmother.com for updates. We are excited!

When we received our wrap we were blown away with how soft It is. It was so easy to wrap baby , the experience is beautiful. It was also easy to wrap! Here is a great tutorial…


or here is a quick newborn tutorial:


If you’re looking to stand out, you have to check out Human + Mother’s neon yellow wrap! It’s bright, trendy and adds some flash to your baby wearing!


Let’s dive into the charity that you are aHuman + Mother For Babies | Supporter of Attachment Parentinglso supporting. Each wrap provides safer child birth for women in Syria, Sierra Leone and Haiti. It helps bring in trained birthing attendants and supplies and equipment for the birth. It also makes sure that there is mobile health units and that each Mom and newborn gets post natal care. These places often times do not offer any post natal care. It also helps improve hospitals for a safer birth for Moms. Let’s make sure each baby enters the world safely.

Why these countries? This is where birth and post natal care lacks the most. Haiti has the highest mortality rate in the western Hemisphere. No beautiful Mother should lose her life giving birth or lose a baby. Midwives for Haiti has a mission to train Haitan nurses to become Skilled Birth Attendants. This will increase safer births ten fold.

Circle of Health International is a non for profit that also provides support, training, supplies and equipping volunteers to local community bad organizations led and powered by women. Emergencies, disasters and crises are their forte. They ensure local organizations get access to these crisis zones and get more of what they need to help women and children.

When you buy with Human + Mother, you are not only buying a prodct but you are buying an experience. You are a part of something bigger. You bond and get to hold your precious baby keeping them safe. But you are also keeping babies safe, all over the world. With every purchase a donation goes to these incredible charities. When you have a safe birth experience, you are allowing other Mothers, just like you in vulnerable areas a safer experience.

It is said that it takes a village to raise a family. Be a part of that village. Human + Mother has a baby wrap that we would recommend to all Mothers. It also has a great passion to help others.