Husband Won’t Help! Trying To Stay Together

What do you do when your husband won’t help? You are trying to stay together but the weight of all the housework and caring for the children is on your shoulders.

When the work of children and house is imbalanced, it leads to conflict, especially when one spouse is doing all of the work. This week, we have a reader who is upset that her husband is never around to take care of the kids. He is always out with his friends and never seems to be around to help!

Ask The Culpeppers

We asked our favorite husband and wife team, The Culpeppers from Ask The Culpeppers their take on a wife who can’t get enough help from her husband taking care of the children. Husband is spending too much time with his friends and not enough time taking his fair share of the responsibilities. Will Mr. and Mrs. Culpepper agree that action has to be taken? Or will they lovingly disagree about this subject?

Season 3 Ask The Culpeppers

We are now in Season 3 of Ask The Culpeppers! We want to thank our audience for their support. Please support Derrick and Lakisha on their Youtube Channel. Derrick and Lakisha Culpepper are married and our Baby Spot Ambassadors in the United States. Derrick and Lakisha tackle a wives plea to her husband to help out with the children and stop hanging out with his friends multiple times a week. Should Mom suck it up and let Dad have an active social life or should Dad start helping with the children and make sure that Mom also gets a break every once in a while? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.


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