I am a peaceful goldfish – When your child is tantruming, we try techniques to calm them down. However, what if you taught calming techniques when your child is calm? Author Shoshana Chaim and Lori Joy Smith present I am A Peaceful Goldfish. This delightful story teaches your children calming techniques when they are at peace, so when they are upset, they know how to address their emotions.

This is what the book is about

Firstly, what we love about this book is that there is no main character. This was specifically designed so your child can picture themselves within this book. It is no secret that things can go wrong and the characters in this book cannot craft calm!

However, the delightful goldfish teach, step by step how to breathe to craft calmness. Goldfish are great creatures and children can relate to how they blow bubbles. This is such a smart way to articulate breathing to children and show them within pictures. The illustrations are clear and adorable so your child will stay engaged with the story.

Your little one will learn special skills that may help them keep calm in stressful situations. Parents will learn that a little toddler is learning about emotion. Together, parent and child will be able to learn calming skills through breathing techniques.

Extra Credit

It is time to take the book’s kind advice! Gather your children when they are happy and calm. Speak to them that when they feel frustrated how to breath and be calm. The next time something upsetting happens, you will be surprised how quickly they learn to react differently! I Am A Peaceful Goldfish helps children craft calm with some excellent tips.

Children having tantrums as toddlers is normal. They do not understand the strong emotions that they are having and they react with a meltdown of complete hurt and frustration. However, when they are calm, children can begin to understand their emotions and help themselves through these hard times. With a parent by their side, they will start to feel a bit better or at least, understand the situation that they are in a bit better.