Oh no! A booknivourous zombie is out to eat all of the books in Eric’s school! He has just found the library and now all books are doomed! Author Karin Lefranc creates a wonderful tale about a very hungry zombie looking to eat every book he sees! Can Eric convince the zombie to read books instead of to eat them? With a bit of knowledge and know how, he may just pull off the task.


Lefranc teaches the reader to act fast in a stressful situation and with knowledge and innovation, you can fix a situation. The lesson in the book is clear, have an open mind and don’t be afraid to try something new!


Illustrator Tyler Parker has BIG colourful/colorful illustrations to keep your reader captivated and wanting more. What do you do when a zombie comes to your school with an appetite for BOOKS? You buy I Want To Eat Your Books, which you can find right here. It’s a perfect addition to your Halloween library!