If Animals Went To School Book Review


Has your child ever wondered what it would be like if animals went to school? Author Ann Whitford Paul takes us into a fun and imaginary tale of how animals would act when going to school. This book is adorable, beautifully illustrated, but most of all, prepares your little one for school or daycare with ease.

If animals went to school, it would not be as chaotic as you think. We would see Beave practicing how to count with sticks and at recess Goose would slide down Giraffe’s neck slide. However, our dear friend Goat would be snacking on some story books. A lot of fun mixed with a whole lot of learning

Why You’re Little One Will Want to Go to School for The First Time

Whether you live in a part of the world where children go to daycare every single day or that your child is starting their first day of kindergarten after being at home with you, they may have nerves and fears about attending school away from you as the parent.

It can be overwhelming to think about the unknown that is school and that Mom and Dad will not be around for hours and hours.  A child may be scared about school starting and not know what to expect. That is why If Animals Went to School is not only going to be a fun read but also put your child at ease.


What Would Happen If Animals Went To School?

If animals went to school, they would have the same fears as little children would. However, their creativity and who they are naturally will shine through. We love that Beaver learns how to count with sticks, something him and his family would use to build their dams. Teacher Ms. Cheetah purrs her children into class.

What We Love

We love that each animal uses their talents to thrive in class. Some of the children are afraid to go to school but once they get started, they are thrilled with how wonderful school can be. We think that Ms. Cheetah mirrors the kindness of a kindergarten teacher, quite like what your child will encounter.

The illustrations by David Walker is beautiful and adorable. Your children will be very attracted to the pictures and it really flows well with the writing.

Most of all, your child will be put at ease as they approach kindergarten or their first day of daycare. It is a great reminder that things that are unknown are not always scary and that school can be a fun place and a great way to learn and make new friends who are different than yourself.

With subtle hints to your child, the beautiful illustrations and the very creative way of describing each animals learning experience, If Animals Went to School is the perfect back to school book.