Many years ago, it was taboo to marry outside of your religion. Now people are often times marrying those outside their own faith or those who are agnostic or atheist. It comes into question how to raise a child and keep a marriage happy when you do not share the exact same beliefs. Thankfully, In Faith And In Doubt is there to guide you.

From the sociological and psychological dynamics to real life experiences, Author Dale McGowan identifies specific qualities that separate stable secular/religious marriages from disasters.

in faith


Now that we are well into the autumn months, many religions celebrate some pretty serious holidays. How does a family that does not share the same faith or religious belief function? With kids now in the mix of a marriage, should they be educated on the holidays that guide one of their parent’s faith? Or if a parent is atheist, should they celebrate the holiday at all? It does not have to be that hard!


We enjoyed the part in In Faith and In Doubt that the agnostic or atheist parent’s beliefs should not be ignored simply because they do not practice a holiday or in the belief system. In retrospect, an atheist or agnostic person should respect a religious person’s right to practice faith. Chapter Five is about the turning points and we believe this will help a lot of families.

Dale McGowan’s book is about balance. He was a Harvard Humanist of the Year and teaches extensively on the subject. If you are planning to marry or have children with someone who believes something different then yourself, then pick up this book. If you are an experienced multi-faith family, then let this book be the fresh air your family and your marriage may need. Buy the book here!