By: Karen Silva
Twitter: @Karenbabydoll22

I will never forget July 31st, 2014 as that was the day that my sister called me to tell me that she was on the way to the hospital. This is the day that we all have been waiting for as I knew she was going to have her baby girl soon; but yet somehow I was still surprised and taken back. All sorts of excited feelings came rushing to me and all I wanted to do was leave work and be with her at the hospital.

It seemed like a lifetime but on August 1st at 4:03 AM, baby Nikki was born. Her cuteness and little everything melted my heart and I promised her right there and then that I will do everything in my power to protect her and be there for her always.

Being an aunt was one of the greatest gifts given to me and then something even greater happened; I got asked to be Nikki’s godmother. This was a huge honour and I said yes without any hesitation of course. I knew what kind of role a godmother plays and I was prepared to take on the responsibilities.

A godmother to me means to be there for your godchild throughout their whole life. Give them good advice, guidance, lend them a helping hand, be there with open arms and a listening ear; as well as spend quality time with them and I don’t just mean on holidays.


As Nikki was growing up I made sure that both my husband and I (her godparents), spent time with her, babysat and built a special bond with her. Seeing her develop over the months and years has been amazing. I was able to see her go from crawling to walking, smile to having a giggle; then babble to full blown sentences (I am still in disbelief on how much she says at 2.5 years old). One of my favorite things in the world, is to hear her call out to me… and I don’t mean by name. In my culture, it is respectful to use the title rather than the person’s name. In Portuguese, godmother is Madrinha and it melts my heart when Nikki tries her hardest to call me that. When she first started calling me, she would only manage a Ma, which would cause confusion when we would go out as people would think I was her mom. Now Nikki is able to call me “Nina,” and it’s not only really cute but it makes me feel special.

One of the greatest moments aside from becoming her godmother was having her take part in one of the most important days of my life which was my wedding day. Nikki was our beautiful and sweet flower girl. We were all impressed on how well she did with such an important role.

Now Nikki is two and a half and I’m excited to continue being there for her and seeing her grow as the years go by. I am just hoping she doesn’t grow up too fast because I’m not ready to give up on our cuddle time and our imaginary play just yet.

Congratulations if you have been asked to be a godmother or a godfather to a child. That is an important and special role. Enjoy every moment and remember that they will need you to be that rock for them when times get tough.

To my sweet goddaughter, Nikki, if you are reading this or having it read to you; I want you to know how much you mean to me and how much I love you. You are a beautiful gift and we are so lucky to have you in our lives. Your smile and personality brightness our days. You will always be my Halloween partner in crime and I will always be there if you need someone to play with. Love you to the moon and back… Your crazy and loving Madina!



About the Author

Karen graduated from Sheridan College with an Early Childhood Education Diploma. She worked with children for about five years before expanding her skills in Administration. Karen is a loving Godmother/Auntie to one. Combined with her ECE background and passion for DIY projects and baking, she is a contributor writer for mom blogger, Momma Braga. Karen hopes by sharing her knowledge, tips and tricks, she can bring families together through her creative ideas.