In the Half Room

The half room is full of half things. From a half cat to a half plant, everything is not what it seems! When there is a knock at the door, everything changes! Candlewick Press presents In the Half Room, a wonderful book for children.

Author-illustrator of the bestselling picture books Home and Du Iz Tak? Carson Ellis (Caldecott Honor Winner) creates a fantastic  picture book that will have readers young and young at heart seeing halves and wholes in a completely different way than before.

The Half Moon Shines Down on the Half Room


The cover of the book is definitely a conversation piece. Children will love the window from the cover of the book that actually shows the half-moon on the first page. This thought provoking picture book will explore halves and wholes in an ingenious and curious way. Your young child will see the world in a new perspective. Older children will start to recognize fractions and be able to apply it to their studies. Most of all, everyone will appreciate the artistic nature of this book and the inquisitive mind of its author.


Have your children choose a room or an outdoor space that they love. Have your child draw or paint the outdoor space but in halves. What objects did they draw in half? Why did they choose this particular space? This activity will open up an excellent dialogue with your child. You will be surprised to hear their perspective on things, no matter how small they are.

Art and Creativity in One Picture Book

Carson Ellis is the author and illustrator of this book and also illustrated a number of incredible books such as The Shortest Day by Susan Cooper. Ellis challenges even her smallest readers to see the world in a different perspective and tells a delightful short story for all readers to enjoy. This is a book you can read with children of all ages, from the smallest of small to the child at heart.

RATING: Good for all ages, artistic book, good for reluctant readers

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