As a family who loves travel, adventure, and a bit of suspense we thought it would be great to get to know Jax Menez Atwell. Jax has a well rounded history in law enforcement and investigations. He is now a private investigator. You might recognize him from the History Channel’s “Missing in Alaska” show where he investigated missing people.

Jax has 3 boys, which consist of a set of preteen twins and a preschooler! He is kept busy with being a dad, acting, and private investigations. All of which allow him to travel around the United States and take in the country’s vast beauty and find some hidden gems! Check out his blog to see some of the expeditions he has gone on for work and with his kids! What an awesome and inspirational guy! We had the pleasure and honour/honor of getting to know Jax a bit and thought we would share it with the world as he is a great inspiration for all!

1) Tell us about the relationship you have with your kids. You have twin boys and one toddler boy. What does an average day look like?

“I have three boys and thank goodness because I’d be absolutely worthless as a parent to a little girl! She’d have me wrapped around her finger so fast I would be a horrible mess! My boys are great. First off raising twins is entering the great years in my estimation. When they were young things were tough with them but now I truly feel like I have these two clones that I love experiencing the world through. My little guy is about to turn four and like my twins when they were his age has a lot of good and bad that comes with that age group. I have no doubt that he will follow in his older brothers’ footsteps and enjoy having an active adventure seeking dad!”

“Nothing about my days are ever average. I’m a private investigator so case-loads and clients’ needs always are changing and revolving; add to that my adventures and acting and life is in a constant state of flux and juggling!”

2) How do you coordinate childcare and work?

“It really takes a lot of communication with my son’s mothers and to be honest at the end of some days you sit back and wonder how you just did that right? Some days are harder than other but ultimately as a parent you get it done!”

I cannot even imagine juggling so much. Jax, I’m sure your boys see how hard you work to provide for them and spend time with them as well.

3) I know it is sometimes hard, as we are all human, to keep our stress levels in check so we can be the best parent possible. In order to keep our stress under check, we make sure we get a workout in each day, often even with the kids. What do you do to help when you are feeling the effects of long busy days in your investigative work or acting?


“Oh, this is such a great question! Fitness has been a part of me since I was 13 years old. Sure, there have been many ups and downs in my physical life but for the most part fitness has truly been a huge part of myself. I think what happens is people hate “working out” instead of making it part of their lives. There are days I miss a workout but for the most part making some form of physical activity part of my day is a paramount as eating. If you don’t look at it like a chore and make it part of your fabric and how you operate your day, it will become a very simple habit. It is so very important not just for your physical systems but for your mental health. It should be noted that some days take some creativity to get it in but if it is as important to you as eating, then you make it work. Somehow someway you need to have that blood flowing. If not the build-up is very negative on our entire body and soul as an operating system.”

B and I can definitely relate. We feel the negative effects when our eating and workouts get overlooked due to being “busy”. Then we take a step back and get on track again. Fitness has always been part of both of our lives as well, however once we had kids I totally stopped until last fall. Once I restarted a daily routine of clean eating and exercise, my mind, body and spirit became aligned again, which has helped so much for parenting, being active with the kids!

4) Personal development is so important to many people. B loves Tony Robins, I love Melissa Ambrosini. Do you have someone who has been inspirational and key in your development as an investigator, actor, and dad? What is your favorite personal development book you have read/listened to?

“If you’re not moving forward you are moving backwards”, is a common phrase I’ve lived by. Always, learning and trying to improve aspects of self is so important. I listen to a lot of talk radio, youtube motivational videos like Tony Robins, but truly I find the most personal development in the Bible, meditation, constant self-evaluation. Looking at one person, one human, who is flawed just like you will always lead to failure because that person is truly flawed and human just like you. I tend to take an eclectic path of pulling things from multiple sources to meet the growth I’m striving for. So, in that goal I end up having multiple people I find motivation in.”

“Not to get too deep but growing up with an absentee father had me searching for “something” but always being disappointed. It wasn’t until I realized that all people have something good you can take from, learn from, and grow from. When I was a cop, long ago, I garnished a lot of respect from very hardened criminals that I interviewed because I genuinely listened to them. In this hustle bustle world we have truly forgotten to “listen”.”

I love how you get your inspiration from different facets of life and all walks of life. That is very humble and inspiring. This is something we should all strive for. Rather than judging people who are different from ourselves, we can listen to their story and learn something! Thanks for those words of wisdom.

5) When you travel for work, do ever take your kids with you? If so, what is the favorite part of taking the kids? If you don’t take them with you, what is the longest you have to be away from them and how do they cope?

“My older two sons have traveled and worked with me on a continual basis since they were around seven. They are now twelve and love working with me. My job affords a lot of adventures, new sites, and cool places. My younger son hasn’t yet worked a lot with me but someday I’m sure he will. It really depends on the type of cases I’m working because safety is always paramount.”

This is such an amazing learning experience for all of your kids. Your older boys must learn so much on the road. Geology, geography, how to interact with people, and “real life” experiences that are so priceless. I’m sure your almost 4 year old will start becoming curious about the prospects of travelling with you soon as well. As we are home school parents, these things are values we hold dear to our heart. The lessons learned on the road are memories the kids will forever cherish.

6) Have you ever considered home schooling in order to be able to take your kids with you on the road?

“Home schooling has not been something I’ve had to consider to this point but I 100% back it. I have many friends who do and as we see more government intrusion into how we parent and what is taught to our children we will see more and more of it. Look at California, the school system is now over riding doctors to get their agenda pushed onto parents. I am not cool with that and if I lived in that state my kids would be home schooled.”

7) Do you travel  internationally? For work or pleasure? What is your favorite destination? Do you stay at resorts, hotels, vacation rentals, or amongst the locals?

“I travel a ton and I used to do more international traveling but I have not done as much as I want or that is in my bucket list. I honestly don’t care where I stay when I travel. Sleeping under the stars has just as many perks as sleeping in a five-star resort. I always prefer being away from the hustle and bustle for my peace and relaxation. I usually will choose adventure and danger over resting and relaxing but honestly, I’m always game for any given situation.”

We can totally appreciate that solitude is beneficial for your mental well-being. I am sure you get much hustle and bustle where your work, acting and investigations take you, so I can imagine that some peace and quiet would be much needed after all the adventures of the day.

8) Where is your kids’ favorite travel destination? What are their favorite activities to do while traveling?

“My older sons are very much like me and can find the good in any destination. The younger spud has traveled a lot but usually destination cities. The older boys afford me the opportunity to take them into places I hope they always remember!”

I love how you tailor their travel to what they are capable of and what they each enjoy.

9) Do you travel for extended periods with your kids? How do they stay entertained?

“Since my boys have all traveled from an early age they travel well. They find time to read, play games, and sleep! I’ve been blessed with children who rarely complain about traveling.”

What lucky kids and good for you for raising your kids in such a manner! Starting travel from an early age is so imperative to having kids who know how to entertain themselves and enjoy the simple things in life, like getting to have a nap!

10) What is your favorite travel memory with your little ones?

“Well, I’d have to say this summer with my older boys we hit upstate New York, Cleveland to Cincinnati Ohio, drove from Arizona to Montana so we hit Utah and Idaho, and camped in Glacier National Park. This summer’s adventures will probably stick with me the rest of my life.”

Wow what an epic adventure! I can only imagine the fun you had with your twins!

11) Does your work with investigations affect how you perceive the safety of your children? How do you overcome any preconceived notions about the relative safety of your children?

“I think the easy answer is yes it has a great affect. I was a cop for twelve years and been an investigator for the past decade. It is impossible to see so much negativity and not let it affect how you parent. The good news is I have a simple code I’ve used for many aspects of life. “There are two sides to every coin”. This code has served me very well and even in regards to this question. It just takes a second to evaluate and see the situation from both sides. Ultimately, I don’t see the bad things I’ve had to deal with as negative toward my parenting because being mentally prepared for things is just as important to dealing with an actual situation.”

That is an amazing code to live by. To be able to use that knowledge and experience as a compass to raise your kids by is so powerful. B and I have similar values. We can understand how difficult it can be at times, as we are frontline workers in the healthcare industry and see much negativity. For us it is a push to live full, happy lives and be aware of dangers but not be limited by them.

12) If a parent walked up to you and asked how you got to be where you are today, both in your career and as a father, what would you tell them? What tips can you give to parents to be overall successful and happy as a family unit?

“I chuckle at this question because, at forty years old, I’ve had serious ups and downs. I’m not perfect and actually far from it. The easiest advice is three-fold: 1) Don’t give up, 2) embrace change, and 3) be far sighted. I will summarize a verse from the Bible (Romans 8:28) that I live by and that is: God uses all things for good. That is a very simple summary of the verse but for parenting it’s the thing you have to remember that we cannot see the future and the lesson to something horrible you might be going through as a parent may indeed be the training to handle the next obstacle.”

13) Is there anything else you would like to add? An expose you would like your readers to know about?

“Life is a journey and most people completely miss out on enjoying it. Life isn’t easy and when we get caught up in the negatives of this world we miss the forest for the trees. Adventure is around every corner and you just have to seek it. There is an entire world out there just waiting for you to see, learn, and pass onto your children.”

“Speaking to the fathers, our role has never been more important. The world seems to be rapidly disintegrating before us and the only way to fix it is for fathers to do their part in creating a foundation to pass onto their children. Once the familial unit is back in place in society the world can start rebuilding but until then we are left flailing generation after generation of directionless children.”

“If you are a single mother, I empathize with you greatly. My mother raised me and was both roles for me. It can be done. Don’t give up. My suggestion is to find a male role model for your children. These come in many forms and there are many men out there that would love to be part in adding to your child’s life. There were many men my mother got me around so I could glean, as best I could, as to what being a man was about.”

We are so inspired that you are able to see the positivity amongst all the negativity in this world. Your past experiences have molded you into a well rounded individual that is doing a wonderful job raising your three kids. You have strong morals and ethics which surely will be passed on to your children. Thanks for sharing your views and perspective on life. We look forward to following your future endeavours with your work and family.

“Thank you for having me be a part of your blog!”

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