By: Talia Beckett


Pink Pearl PR client MiniJoops boasts authentic and stylish pieces inspired by internationally born trends and designs, all while allowing for the convenience of online browsing and shopping. Talia Beckett chats with this innovative company founded by Malisa Mac Nab, a fashion loving, full-time mother, who loves styling not only herself, but her three beautiful children. Mac Nab was constantly falling in love with unique and fashion-forward children’s apparel pieces via numerous online, and social media avenues. Unfortunately, none of these designs were locally accessible. After continuous sharing and recommendations to her international friends, she asked herself “why not?” Read more to learn about this innovative company, officially launched September 1, 2013!

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Tell us about yourself, your career or business. – I am a stay at home mom  of three beautiful children ages 7, 4 and 2. Two boys and a little girl. Our business is MiniJoops, where we help upcoming new brands become known through kids fashion designers worldwide.

Describe your most recent business success and tell us about your next big goal!- This is my first true business, unless you consider selling on Ebay/Instagram a business. My next big goal is to become the shopping destination for all who love unique upcoming brands in kids fashion.

“MiniJoops helps upcoming new brands become known through kids fashion designers worldwide.”

What is your favorite aspect of your business or product? What sets your business apart?- My favorite aspect of my business is the ability to pick unique clothing and share it to all of our customers. What we feel sets ourself apart from the rest, is not only can you shop with MiniJoops, but you also have a section called “Mini Cafe” to allow those fashion lovers or parents to discuss or share fashion tips or pics, etc. It’s like shopping at the mall, and sitting down for a quick drink at Starbucks after you are all done, but all online.

What does a day in your business life look like?– Hard to say at this point, as we are just beginning this new venture, but with the kids in school, it will give me time to focus on choosing the best brands to provide our clients along with interacting with them as well through our “Mini Cafe”

What types of customers are in your business ‘pink book’ and who are you looking to connect with?- MiniJoops is looking to connect with individuals that don’t want the same fashion brands most of their neighborhood clothing stores carry, but want something unique for their children.

“Our Mini Cafe is like shopping at the mall, and sitting down for a quick drink at Starbucks after you are all done, but all online.”

Is owning your own business as glamorous as it sounds?- Again it’s hard to say since I am just starting, but from my initial experience preparing for our launch, it’s been amazing. Not to mention it has opened my eyes to all the stuff that truly goes into a business even if it’s online!

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Where did you get your education? Tell us about this experience.– I grew up in Des Moines, Iowa and went to Iowa State Univeristy for two years. The best experience there was that it is where I met my husband!

Where do you (or clients) manufacture your products?- We are trying to bring brands that are not very known into the USA market, some manufacture their brands in house, or in small facilities. We believe the smaller unknown brands are the ones with the most passion as its most likely the owner (s) are doing a lot of the leg work to make their products perfect.

How do you determine what brands you will represent in your online store?- I choose the fashion brands that I would put my own children in and feel would be unique for other children to wear.

How long have you been targeting these brands?- I have been purchasing from some of them for some time now, but a lot I am just finding to be trendy and unique.

What are your plans for expansion?- Depends on how the first year goes, but if possible we would love to be well known worldwide for the place to find unique brands that are upcoming with a little social kick to it with our Mini Cafe. We want to get big enough to be known on a high level in the fashion industry as a destination for new entrepreneurs trying to unleash their passion for trendy kids fashion, but not too big to take away from my focus of always working on providing the best brands to give to our clients.

“I choose the fashion brands that I would put my own children in and feel would be unique for other children to wear.”

What is your favorite travel hot spot?– With three kids, and a workaholic for a husband, it’s a little hard to travel. But someday I would love to vacation in Hawaii or some peaceful island away from everything. I would also love to travel to Paris or something where kids fashion is a pretty big thing.

How would you describe your personal style, and who are your biggest style inspirations?- I love wearing, and dressing my kids in trendy, contemporary upcoming fashion pieces I can find! My biggest style inspirations are all the wonderful kids pictures I see on Instagram and in the social world!

Can you offer any advice for new entrepreneurs?- Sometimes it’s the risk that is the reward, don’t be scared of doing what you feel could benefit your career & happiness.

Check out MiniJoops online September 1st!