IQAIR Atem – The air we breathe is important. It can effect our health, our mood and the way we function at work and school. We want our home to be a place that is safe and healthy for our entire family. This includes giving our lungs healthy air to breathe. The new IQAIR Atem is perfect for being your personal air purifier. Take it into any room that you are in!


Discover this personal air purifier is perfect for any family. It is time that you give yourself the gift of clean air. This will create your own ultra-pure personal breathing zone. It does it with Advanced HyperHEPA technology. It can remove up to 99% of harmful particles. Can you imagine that this is what is floating inside your house, all day every day? Even though the IQAIR is tough on particles, it produces a gentle stream of pure air where you need it the most, your personal breathing zone.

Personal Breathing Zone

So what is a personal breathing zone? It can be anywhere, any room that you are spending time in. It can be your bedroom, living room or even your work space. This means that IQAir Atem is portable. .Secondly, it is quiet, so you would not be disturbing other people in the room or competing to speak with a louder system. This system lets you continue your life as you would normally, with the exception of getting wonderfully clean air.

Why It Matters

As parents, we need clean air for our children. We know that having a safe breathing zone gives them a great start. Also, as parents, we know a house can get busy and messy. What we don’t see is the tiny particles floating around that may get us sick or begin to mess up your home. This machine will have you feeling safe in your space and not worrying about your family’s clean air needs.

In some areas, you cannot open your window! It is too cold. In some parts of the USA and Canada, your window can actually freeze shut! Many families over the wintertime do not have the ability to open windows. Additionally, it is freezing and you do not want to get sick. The simple alternative is theIQAIr Atem personal air purifier that can allow you the ability to get fresh air without getting cold and risking getting sick.

Create Your Personalized Air Zone

We know why we love this air purifier but now it is time to create our space. The air purifier works well in a dry environment. The touch point settings are easy to use which makes functionality so easy! You can just relax and use this in your workspace, bedroom or living room. What is important your air will be clean. It will make your home healthier and safer.


This wonderful air purifier is here to make your life more healthier. Purify your air from the particles that you don’t know exist in your house. For our family, the only trusted brand is IQ Air.