Is Delivery that Hard on Your Body? How to Bounce Back


If you are eagerly awaiting the arrival of your first child, you may be wondering if the stories you’ve heard about delivery and labor are true, and if your birth will be that hard on your own body. Of course they are true! Pregnancy can drain you of vital energy and nutrients and cause weight gain that can result in sore muscles and low self-image. However, the below tips can help you bounce back post-pregnancy.


Eat More, Not Less

Understandably, getting the baby weight off might be a priority for you, but postpartum recovery requires ample nutrition. If you’re breastfeeding, then you might need to consume 500 or more calories over your pre-pregnancy norm to account for the nutrition you’re still providing your infant. The good news is, many nursing moms report increases in appetite, yet still steadily lose weight after the birth and during breastfeeding.


Consume Healthy Foods and Supplements

Make sure the majority of your daily caloric intake consists of energy-boosting healthy foods that help the body recover faster from pregnancy. Green leafy veggies, ample sources of protein, and lots of healthy grains are solid foundation. Include Omega-3 rich foods such as avocado, salmon, and walnuts or take a supplement. Other recommended vitamins after giving birth include iron, B-6 and folic acid.


Exercise in Moderation

Most medical experts advise women to give their bodies around six weeks to recover before engaging in regular exercise routines. In lieu of heavy workouts, do some yoga, go on long walks, or bounce around in the pool with your new baby. Infants make great “weights” and can be used as resistance for low-impact mom and baby exercise routines.


Restore Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Healthy eating and exercise are great start for restoring the body, but relaxation is a vital aspect of postpartum recovery. It’s not easy to dispel stress with a newborn around, so you should occasionally call on friends or family to watch the wee one while you take a respite. Use the time to see a movie, try meditation, or get a massage. When baby naps, you should do the same or use the time for whatever eases your mind and rejuvenates your spirit. Make sure you have time to yourself to recover mentally as well as physically. Professionals at Guardian Angel who assist in unplanned pregnancy situations say bonding with the baby is an important part of post-delivery health, whether keeping the baby or not. Just allowing time to heal and marvel at what your body has achieved is part of the process.


Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is a natural healing and restorative form of medicine used by women pre- and post-pregnancy for pain relief and to promote greater overall health through spinal alignment. Chiropractic support is also reported to help infants sleep better, and have less colic and nursing issues, which certainly can help ease your parenting burdens as you boost back to your normal self.


These five tips can help get you on track to recovering after delivering your little bundle of joy. You can bounce back stronger than ever by treating yourself right and giving yourself time for recovery.