If you’re a new mother and you’ve just given the birth of a new child you already know this is the most memorable feeling of your life. And you can’t forget the moment when you saw your child face for the first time. This was adorable though you’ve gone through a hard time with your health disorders during pregnancy.

Some pains never make you free even after the birth of your baby. According to the research, among all the disorders back pain is one of them. Due to the gravitational force to downward back pain creates unavoidable disturbance to your regular life.

To get rid of back pain people try for several ways day after day but fail. Doctor suggest to do physical exercise whenever and however possible. This is the natural way to be comfortable and get relief from your back pain. Among so many ways of doing exercise inversion therapy is the most familiar way to the people from all ages.


What Is Inversion Therapy?

To define this therapy with the minimum words it is the way of diverting the gravitational force effect inside human body so that spine gets zero gravity effect. During the pregnancy time, new mother feel this force more crucial due to the extra weight of new baby. And after pregnancy its effect exists for a longer period. This is so crucial for the mother.



Sometimes it causes herniation of disc. Inversion therapy creates zero gravity force to the spine and thus spine nerves get rid of pain gradually.

In many cases, inversion therapy is considered as the replacement of surgery. In this case, it is clear how effective this process is.

It reduces basically the compression pressure around the spine and make you comfortable as you need. And you can move for a longer time.

So, here we found physical and mental stress removing guaranteed product for applying Inversion Therapy. Sometimes thoroughly structure analysis could make a better way to find out the best one.


Benefits of Inversion Therapy

Inside the human health the effect of inversion therapy is undoubtedly amazing. People find it more comfortable than other tools and processes. To talk about inversion therapy benefit in very specific way here are some benefits that you can achieve.

It lessens headache, Fibromyalgia symptoms, Cervical Spinal Stenosis, Nerve Pain & Back Pain including Herniation Back Pain. It acts amazing for heart function & blood circulation. It also work to make lung function better. In case of mental disorder, it reduces the mental stress, depression & unwanted tension.

The most important benefit of inversion therapy is, it helps you to sleep better as lack of sleep is the one of the most acute health disorders for the new mother. Some people use this therapy to increase the immune system against aging effect.




You’ve so many options to take Inversion Therapy. In market, there are so many portable and effective tools for you. These are some renowned companies who are producing these products with thorough research.

You can use Inversion Bed, Inversion Chair or Inversion Tables so that back pain never comes back. According to your room space & body fitness you can choose any one of the tools described above. But most of the people suggest Inversion Table as it is reliable.

For better suggestion you need to consult with your regular doctor or health instructor. Because, such exercise comes up with some side effects in the long run. So, be aware of that. Once your body is fit for taking such exercise you should go, otherwise not. This is very critical decision for new mother for sure.



New mother has to use the Inversion Table at home whenever they get the opportunity. To use in the convenient way, here are my suggestions.

Firstly, keep your table in the flat room having plane floor. Then, according to the observation. Set your table at the optimum point so that you don’t be hurt.

Then gradually wear on belts at your comfort space.

Finally you’re at the certain stage to use your inversion table. Push your position and stop there for fewer minutes. Then, do this part over and over again for a longer time.

Make sure your table is comfortable to continue this step for a longer time. Otherwise you’ve to purchase the best inversion table from the marketplace taking reviews from other buyers who already bought it and feeling great after using it.



To make a conclusion of this article it is obvious that Inversion Therapy is one of the most used and ancient technologies that is useful for our health. To do this regularly in the mannered way it is obvious that you’ll need any specific tool to do that.

According to the comments & suggestion from many people using Inversion Table will give you the best experience of using Inversion Therapy. Scientific researchers also support using such Table. So, don’t panic due to back pain, it will be solved easily at home. Just make sure you’ve the better opportunity to utilize an inversion table.