Is Parenting Hard…

parenting hard

Whenever I hear or read this statement… Parenting is Hard (heard or read it way to many times). The first thing I do, is Disagree. The second thing I do, is see who said it. If I am in the presence of this person, I usually talk to this person to hear their reasons. Being the older sibling of an 8yr old whom I just happen to be raising. That’s right, I’m the Guardian. What I say goes. Anything Kids and Parenting (which All Lacks Color, but that’s a topic for another article) is of Importance to me. I also just happen to be a Published Children’s Books Author as well ( or @DoubleNW ).

Earlier this evening, Oct 31st, I read an article (by Cavan Sieczkowski) @HuffPostParents tweeted out. Adele (singer – I am a fan / Mum) was talking about her new soon to be released CD and she made some comments about parenting. ‘It’s f’ing hard’. She says. She then goes on to say, ‘It is hard, but it’s phenomenal’ : /

OK, I mentioned earlier I am raising my 8yr old little brother. I am his sister, I’ve been in his life since the beginning. I have been his 100% full time Guardian more than half his life. He turns 9 in November. I do Everything for and with this kid a parent that birth their kid does. Actually believe we spend even more time together than normal, because when I do kids books events he’s right there with me. He is Extremely Involved in this entire process and I Must say it makes me Happy he is learning new things, traveling and enjoying himself. We talk Everyday about Anything. We have a Great relationship. I have Never thought raising him was hard. He acrually asked me, some time ago, if raising him was hard. Don’t know why he asked this, but I simply said, No and meant just that. I do not think of myself as a Parent. I have no kids of my own. Never been pregnant, either. When people find out I am raising him they like to say I am a Mother. I am not a mother, I say it all the time. I am an older sibling doing my duty : ) He is a kid and he has his moments. I have mine as well so please believe me. We are not perfect and Definitely not striving to be.

What I will say is this… Parenting is Annoying!