Italian Boy Names That Start With B

Italian boy names are some of the most beautiful in the world. Many families are looking for Italian boy names that start with B. We have the top Italian boy names that start with B. From popular Italian boy names to unique Italian boy names, we have you covered.

What Are Some Popular Italian Boy Names?

The most popular boy names that start with B are Benito, Brando and Bernardo. Scroll,l down to find out their meanings. Check out our Top Italian boy names.

What Are Strong Male Names?

The strongest boy names are Bernardo, Baldo, Boris and Bruto. You will not believe some of these strong boy meanings! Scroll down to learn more.


This strong boys name is a unique Italian name. This is a nickname for Baldassare. Meaning “bold” or “brave”, Baldo commands a room! Notable people with this name include Baldo Baldi the 16th century Italian physician and naturalist.


Nickname: Ben

This boys name has a won the hearts of many. The meaning of Benito is “supporter of the world.” Benito is a perfect name for your little boy and is the Italian version of Benjamin. Notable people with this name include Benito Carbone who was an Italian football player.


Nickname: Bernard, Bernie, Ben

Meaning “brave like a bear,” this strong Italian boys name is a perfect honor for a little boy. The English form is “Bernard.” Famous people with the name Bernardo include Bernardo Bertolucci who is a Film Producer and Screenwriter.



Nickname: Facio, Bon

This name means “good” and that is exactly what your little son is! This exotic boys name is perfect for your son. Notable people with this name include the Roman military governonr of North Africa in the 400s, who was also a friend and ally of St. Augustine.


Nickname: Bo

Meaning “glorious in battle,” this strong boys name also means snow leopard. This fierce name is not only an Italian name but is also most popular in Russia and other Eastern European countries. This is not a popular Italian name but its notably used enough to make this list. This would be a great name if you are trying to honor two cultures or if you just like a unique boy name.


Bran, Brandy, Brand

Brando is a strong boys name. Meaning “sword”, this name takes many variations like Aldobrando. Brando is strong, powerful and is great for any little boy. Though Brando was his surname, Marlon Brando is a famous person who bore this name. Consider Brando for your strong little man.


Brute, Bru

This name has strong meanings! “Cruel”, “unkind” and “merciless” , Bruto meaning “Brute” in English can send a strong message as a name. Being a tough boys name, it still finds itself as an Italian boys name to consider.

Brutus who was advisor and eventually co-conspirator against Caesar would be the most famous person who bared this name. If you are looking for an interesting boys name, choose Bruto.

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