Top Italian Boy Names That Start With C

Some of the most beautiful boy names in the world are Italian boy names. From The north to Sicilian boy names, the whole country is rich in history. If you are looking for top Italian boy names that start with C, we have you covered. We have some popular boy names and some “C” boy names that you may not have thought about!

Top Names and Meanings

Each Italian boy name will have the name, the meaning of the name and any famous or notable person who had the name or has the name. This will help you make your final decision! Be sure to check out all of our Italian Boy Names.

Italian Boy Names


Nickname: Cain

This name is very religious! Caino is the Italian version of Cain, son of Adam and Eve. This is the first child of Adam and Eve and therefore comes with a strong meaning behind the name. If your family is religious or you are looking for an Italian boy’s name that shows leadership, this is the name for you.


Nickname: Calli, Listo


Nickname: Carl

This is a similar name to Carmine. Carmelo means “garden” and this popular Italian name continues to be well loved by many Italian families. A famous Italian Carmelo is Carmelo Bossi who was an Italian boxer.


Nickname: Car

Carmine means “garden” and is a popular Italian name in The United States. However, this name actually originates from Latin and Hebrew. Above all, you should consider Carmine for your Italian baby name.


Nickname: Cear

Meaning “ruler” or “emperor”, this strong Italian boys name goes back centuries and still is a favorite amongst families today. The most famous person with this name is Julius Caesar whose story is still told since 100 BC.


Nickname: Cir

This is actually the Italian version of the name “Cyril”. Meaning “Lordly,” this strong Italian boys name would be a perfect name for any boy.


This Italian boys name is shining brightly! Ciro means “sun and is a strong Italian boy’s name. Ciro is also the name of a delicious Italian wine. This is a perfect name for any little boy!


Nickname: Claud

Claudio is an Italian boy’s name that means “enclosure.” This is a well-known name for boys. Consider Claudio for your son’s baby name.


Nickname: Clement

This name is both a Spanish and Italian lineage. Meaning “merciful”, this Italian boys name is strong, powerful and traditional. Famous people include Clemente Biondetti, a famous Italian painter.

Finding The Perfect Baby Name

Finding the perfect baby name does not have to be hard! There are so many great ways to choose the right name.

You have to think about whether or not you want a name from your family to continue with your son. Do you want to have a new name and start new traditions? You can also choose a name that is from the same region your family is from or have a name that starts with the same letter as another important family member. Whatever your choices, you will find that perfect baby name.

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