For the first time reader, count your way through the land of pasta, ancient ruins and canals! Author Misti Kenison allows your infants and toddlers to experience Italy and its culture in this baby friendly book!


Kenison is a web/graphic designer and owner of MK Design, it is no secret that this book is going to be beautifully designed and visually appealing for both baby and parent alike!

Misti Kenison believes that children at a young age should be reading and this book is perfect for parents to do just that. The Tiny Traveler Italy is a book of numbers that helps your children count along with some of the most famous Italian monuments, staples and cultural relics. The colourful/colorful designs are easy for a child to understand but also allows them to identify these important pieces!

What is even more exciting about this book is that it is a part of a series that highlights many major cities and their important monuments, paintings and cultural references.

The bright colors/colours will keep your children learning and engaged and parents will be impressed with their children learning all of these new sites and of course, learning to read.


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