It’s Not a School Bus, It’s A Pirate Ship

If your child has the back to school jitters or this is your child’s first time riding a bus, It’s Not A School Bus, It’s a Pirate Ship will put them at ease about going on a bus, going to school and dealing with anxiety.

Published by Macmillan, this wonderful book is full of imagination, wonder and child empowerment. When a child is starting school and riding the bus for the first time, he can feel nervous and afraid of the unknown. However, this little one has no idea what he is in for!

One for All and All for FUN!

Now that is a motto that anyone can get behind! When a young child is very scared to get onto a school bus for the first time, his mother gives him some inspiring words but it is the bus driver that says something that TRANSFORMS his life forever. “It’s not a school bus, it’s a pirate ship!”

The little ones are now on a pirate ship and the things they see are out of this world! From pirate puns to a dolphin crossing guard, everyone is having a blast! Do they make it to school on time? Will the children feel nervous about the first day?

A Book of Fun and Meaning

This book addresses how children can deal with hard situations of change and the unknown. It’s Not a School Bus, It’s A Pirate Ship Is written by Mickey Rapkin who has a way of putting a child’s fears at ease and giving them their power back in situations that make them fearful. Illustrator Teresa Martinez draws beautiful illustrations which keep the readers eyes dancing around the page. There is always something beautiful and exciting to look at next!


Tell your children to write down something that scares them. Whether it is a family member’s house, a scary forest nearby or even school, have them tell you why it scares them. Have them draw what they can imagine this place COULD be. “It’s not a scary forest, it’s an exciting jungle!” Let their creative juices flow.

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