Jabari Tries Review

Young Jabari has an engineers mind, but when he tries to invent a flying machine, he is only met with frustration. When Jabari’s father introduces him to an unlikely partner and a little bit of patience, Jabari realizes that his flying machine dream can become a reality! You have to learn more about this fantastic book, Jabari Tries.

STEM, Siblings and Family

The three things we love about this book are the STEM theme of the book, the emphasis of the love of siblings and family values.

Jabari is an engineer in the making and has sound and methodical ways of inventing the coveted flying machine! His way of thinking and never giving up is a great model for your children. Jabari’s sister Nika is just a toddler, but Jabari’s Dad does a great parenting move to get the siblings to work together. When Jabari’s sister is integrated into the project, things take a big turn for the better. Lastly, this is a family affair. Dad is there to lightly guide and give the independence the children are craving. Jabari relies on his family and sees success and Jabari’s sweet sister gets to be a part of a big kid project.

This is a book that you can read with the entire family and gives a great tapestry to encouragement, togetherness and reaching for the stars. Author Gaia Cornwall’s wise words will be absorbed by your children and be modeled in their lives. The illustrations just jump off of the page. We can relate to each character so well!


Have your children work together on an invention that they will all enjoy. How do they assign tasks? How do they complete the project? This is a great memory and great lessons for the entire family.

Another Great book By Candlewick Press!

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