Other than family and friends, parents should nurture the relationship their children have with nature. Canadian author Jennifer Brighton has shared her special book Jack and the Jack Pine: A Mindful Discovery with Families.

Little Evelyn loves her tree, Jack the Jack Pine and she takes her Mother into the woods to meet her little friend Mother and Evelyn bring water from the pond and Evelyn learns about what Jack needs to grow into a big pine tree. Evelyn and her Mother see some delightful things in the woods.


We love that Jennifer Brighton encourages children to view nature for exactly what it is, a miraculous gift. This book also allows parents to bond with their children in nature. Jack and the Jack Pine: A Mindful Discovery With Families also has Six Mindfulness Exercises for you to do with your children. These exercises help you connect with your child on a deeper level and let them know that everything around them is alive.

We were touched by this book and how it gives children the foundation to truly love nature. We hope that all children are given the opportunity to read this book and go outside and discover the beautiful world they have around them! It is an added bonus that the book is beautifully illustrated.


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