Jamal R. Webb Active Dads Rule – Georgia – This father is one who gets things done! He wears many hats, including Actor, Model, Event Host, Educator and Influencer. Jamal has many talents, but one of the best is being a wonderful dad to his two beautiful children. We sat down with Jamal to talk about fatherhood, entertainment, education, and ultimately how confidence, passion, and drive is key to success all around! Enjoy this interview of this fantastic father and influencer!


Jamal R. Webb



A little about yourself:

I am Jamal Rashad aka The World Wide Webb

Father to Jaida & Tristan Webb

Actor, Model, Event Host, Educator & Influencer

You can find me on projects like Vampire Diaries

Bronner Bros Hair Show & New York Fashion Week

I am the face of Chic Ezotic Body Care & Rich Ambitions Grooming

I am also a former V103 Teacher of the Month.

And I am currently the new Public Information Officer for Clayton County Sheriff’s Department, here in GA.

How many children do you have? 

I have two children (Jaida:Daughter:9 & Tristan:Son:5)

Did you always see yourself becoming a Dad? 

Yes, I always knew that God would entrust me with fatherhood. As an educator, I had made such an impact on the lives of my scholars. I knew it would come a time for me to love and take care of my own children.

What were your first thoughts when you found out you were going to be a Dad? 

I recognize that a grateful heart is a magnet for miracles. My heart and mind were covered in gratitude. All I could do was be thankful for the opportunity.

What were you thinking when your baby was born? 

I honestly wanted my babies to look just like me. The entire time I was hoping that my children had the same features as their father. I know it sounds selfish but I get such a kick out of people saying that my children look like me. 

What was your biggest lesson as a father? 

Always use TONIGHT to prepare for TOMORROW. I was once the dad, who would wait until the morning to prepare for the day. Getting me and the kids out the house in the morning was such a hassle because I did not prepare certain things the night before. Ironing clothes, packing lunches, and checking homework the night before, always helped my mornings run much smoother. #LessonLearned

What was your biggest surprise as a Dad? 

My biggest surprise,  as a dad, is to see my children have the same interest as I do. Both are also actors, models, and entertainers. They love clothes and food just as much as I do. And they both value learning and exploring.

Advice you would give to a first-time Dad.

The most influential advice I would give to a first-time dad is to be as present as possible. Dads are seen as the protectors and the providers. The presence of a father brings peace and comfort. Children see dads and their own personal superhero that is there to rescue them or cover them. So be PRESENT as POSSIBLE.

What are some causes that you are passionate about?

I have always been passionate about education and entertainment. One day, I hope to start my own school of the arts in the future. I believe that some of the most brilliant minds are also some of the most creative and talented minds. 

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