Janine Book Review

Janine is a character from a book that you immediately fall in love with. Thanks to author Maryann Cocc-Leffler’s writing, she can inspire your children to just be themselves, despite what others say negatively to them.


Though we wish bullying will go away tomorrow, that is not reality. In the book Janine, little Janinem loves life and people. She is social, a bundle of joy and extremely kind to her peers and those in her community. She puts others before herself. She has her own sense of style and wears her heart on her sleeve. Some of her peers tease her for her choice in dress and Janine responds to them confidently and kindly that she is proud of who she is and will not change.

Perhaps you or your child knew a Janine and they helped you or your child when you needed it most. Perhaps you are the Janine of your elementary school. The fact is, we need more of these characters in life and this book helps your child be ready for those who question their thoughts, style and sense of self. Janine stands up for herself confidently, without attacking her bully. She is all class, as is this book.

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