If you are a Christian raising a Christian family, this book is an excellent choice to be on your bookshelf for the Christmas season. Jesus is Born by Sophie Piper is a beautiful testament of Jesus’ birth story and is perfect for Christian parents to read to their children who are learning about the birth of Christ.

The illustrations by Yvonne Gilbert are stunning. Your children will love these beautiful pictures which go along with this important story. We loved how Sophie Piper adapted the gospels of Matthew and Luke so that children will make that connection.

Sophie maintains her theme from other books where she successfully guides Christian children to maintain the themes of love, hope and faith. Even your little toddlers will sit down and listen to this book while marveling at its wonderful illustrations and message.

For children who are just learning about Jesus’ birth to those who already know the story, this book will be a wonderful addition to any household, church group, or Sunday School. We also recommend it to those who are not Christian but are looking to understand more about Jesus’ birth story and what their Christian friends believe in.

Once, long ago, a very special baby was born in Bethlehem. Buy Jesus is Born today.