Jogger Stroller and Aerobic Exercise – A Perfect Combination

By: Alison Conor



After giving birth, humps and bumps can come almost normal to mothers. The difficulty of getting back in shape may come hard due to reasons such as:

  • No time – you surely need to be hands on with your new born baby, thus spending time in the gym may not be possible after giving birth
  • Physically not capable – after giving birth you may not be allowed to perform activities that are strenuous, thus limiting you to do activities you usually or regularly do before you get pregnant.
  • Responsibilities and priorities – you surely be torn between your responsibilities between your new born baby and getting fit, which one to prioritise? Surely not something easy to answer.


Exercising after giving birth

The truth is, after giving birth you surely need to exercise. The benefit is not just for the mother but for their new born babies as well:

  • One of the things that a pregnant woman experienced and experiencing is hormonal shifts. Exercise should help you gain yourself back by improving the release of the body’s good chemicals.
  • Getting rid of all the pains and aches that you experience when you were pregnant.
  • Could help you loss weight.
  • Can replace the vitality that the body needs to perform their motherhood duties.
  • Help you gain toner and more flexible body.


Activities best to consider as you get back in shape

Yes, you need to get back in shape the soonest and fastest time possible. Here is the thing, the activities you need to perform should not be in anyway hinder your responsibilities and duties to your new born kid, and should not give you too much of a hard time.

Combination of jogger strollers and aerobic exercises would surely help your goal of losing baby weight naturally. They both can give you all natural workout that will not sacrifice the time you need to spend with your new born baby. Surely these two activities will provide you the result you need almost in no time.


Aerobic exercises and effects

These aerobics are easily performed while your baby is sleeping.

Pelvic tilt

This activity can be performed a week after normal delivery and 8 to 10 weeks after c section. Lie on your back while knees are bent; place a pillow between your legs and another one under your hips. Inhale then after exhale while you position your abs in and your pelvis tuck under slightly, while squeezing your buttocks. Hold for around 5 seconds then release. Do it for 10 repetitions.

This will improve and enhance stamina and strength of the abdomen.

Towel pulse

Same position. Lying on your back while knees bent. Placing a towel across the upper portion of your shins and hold on each end.Pulling the ends of the towel while squeezing thighs together. Inhale then after exhale as you position your abs in and pull your shoulders off the floor. Hold, contract and after that release your ab muscles around 10 to 12 times. This will strengthen the transverse area.

Pelvic bridge

Again, while lying on your back while feet hip apart and knees bent. Inhale then after exhale as you position your abs up and in going towards your spine. Raise your pelvis up, lift your hip off the floor. Slowly lower down back to your starting positions. Repeat it for 5 times. This will improve the transverse, lower back and buttocks area.


Jogger stroller workouts best for post pregnancy

Jogger stroller is actually a good way to achieve the body you wish and at the same time build quality time to your new born.


Actually this is one of the most usual you can do with your jogger stroller. This you can do while your baby is in the stroller, you can try to walk faster or even run but you must ask your doctor or pediatrician if your baby can handle such speed. This activity can help you get your body back to shape and at the same time, giving your baby quality time.

Strolling can improve your overall cardiovascular strength and overall stamina.


While standing behind your stroller while the hands on the handlebar shoulder-width apart. Forward both your knees and feet, squat down up to sitting like positions while your weight in your heels and the knees directly on top of your ankles. Do not put weight on the stroller though, as it may tip.

Squats can improve posture and balance and firm your thigh, legs, pelvis and hips.


Now you know that both jogger strollers and aerobic exercises can be performed after giving birth, without sacrificing the time you can give to your new born or stressing your body too much, you now have no reason not to do it at all.


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