Julian At The Wedding

Julian is a guest at a beautiful wedding with his abuela. However, when Marisol gets her beautiful dress all dirty, Julian has a great idea to help save the day. This book is about magic and mischief and ultimately friendship.

It’s Wedding Time!

Julian and his abuela are so excited to be going to a wedding. Little Julian is honored to be not only going but be in the wedding. Little did he know his new friend Marisol will be up to magic and mischief through out the reception. Marisol has a wardrobe malfunction (she got dirt all over her dress!) But Julian has a plan that is going to change everything! Jessica Love creates a wonderful follow up to Julian is a Mermaid!

What Makes This Book So Special

This book tells a wonderful story where many children experience the magic of a wedding but there is a beautiful meaning that your children need to hear often, Be Yourself. When we let our children be who they are, they grow up with this light around them to make this world great. Letting your children express their talents, their love and passion enriches their lives and in turn, enriches yours! Jessica capitvates a young and young at heart audience with her words and vibrant illustrations. Get lost in this book, as it will feel like you are invited to the wedding as well. A wonderful book from Candlewick Press.


Have your child draw a picture of a beautiful wedding, what would they wear? How would they help Marisol if she came with a dress that needed repair? Enjoy the many different ways that your children learn to solve a problem and express themselves creatively.

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