Kaia and the Bees

Kaia seems like she is not afraid of anything. She is the type to try anything without fear. But the one thing that scares her the most is BEES! What makes matters worse, is her Dad is a beekeeper. Her Dad is adamant that bees are so important that the WHOLE WORLD needs them. How can Kaia balance her fear with her Dad’s love of bees?

Growing Up In the Hive

Kaia’s Dad is a bee keeper and he keeps his bees on the roof of their big city apartment. This makes Kaia terrified to go up on the roof, let alone to help her Dad.  As Kaia begins to talk more to her Dad about bees, she begins to realize how vital they are to the planet. Though still frightened, she still decides to visit the bees with her Dad. Will she get over her fear of bees?

Kaia and the Bees

Kaia’s character is so strong and well developed. Maribeth Boelts does a great job showing children that Kaia can be brave and vulnerable. We see Kaia face her fears and do something that she does not want to do but is willing to learn because she trusts and loves her Dad. This book is about first and foremost, how wonderful and integral bees are to this world, how a beautiful young girl conquers her fears and how the strength of family prevails.

Extra Credit

Have your older children research an animal or a bug who has a bad reputation or is scary but that people have really nothing to fear! Insects, bulls and sharks are some of many creatures that have a bad rap and do not deserve it!

Have your younger children talk about what creature they are scared of and talk to them about how that creature is important to the ecosystem. Did you change their mind?

Kara and the Bees: Inspiring Kids to Face Their Fears

Coupled with the beautiful illustrations of Angela Dominguez, Maribeth Boelts has created a book from Candlewick Press that will touch your heart and gives great lessons to children. Keep this one in your family library for years to come!

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