Imagine your family eating a spicy pork noodle soup or a healthy stir fried kale and broccoli. Now picture yourself the one creating this delicious dishes. This can be you, wowing your family with 101 delicious recipes! Everyday Chinese Cookbook is going to wow your family night after night with easy to understand yummy recipes.

everyday chinese cookbook

Daughter Katie Chin honours/honors her talented mother Leeann with this lovely cookbook.

Chin takes the time to explain key ingredients you will need for these yummy Chinese dishes and some of the common tools and utensils you will need. The book also includes some basic techniques and tips before you get started. Everything has an accompanying photograph which makes learning so easy!

We like the Cook’s Note at the bottom left hand corner of every page which can offer tips and substitutions for each meal. The recipe instructions are easy to follow, even for a new cook!

There is also a great section for our vegetarian readers who will benefit from many recipes of Everyday Chinese Cookbook.

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