Horse Therapy For Children And Horses Healing Hearts

Karina cares about others. We are touched by this person’s charity to both animals and people. Her charity is moving and her talents as a certified Gemologist have made her a sought after jewelry designer. She is a force, a charitable person and an all around talent. Let’s learn more about Karina Brez!

Karina, tell us when your love and respect for horses began.

It began at an early age, somewhere around six, but truly developed in my later years. I joined a charity in the early infancy stages called Horses Healing Hearts. It’s a 501(c)(3) charity that serves children whose parents are affected by addiction. Using the healing power of horses, we support their emotional needs and teach coping skills – giving them the tools to lead a healthy life, free of drugs and alcohol, and break the generational cycle of addiction.


What was the journey like to become a certified Gemologist?

– At a young age I knew I wanted to do something in the creative field. At first, I wanted to be an accessories designer specializing in comfortable women’s shoes but decided to opt-out. I then stepped into a field – jewelry – that has been in my family for three generations. I wanted to do something different and unique in the family business so I decided to explore the world of gems and master it. It wasn’t easy but my passion for it came naturally.

Your collection is so unique because there is a synergy between horse and human. Tell us about this partnership and how it shows in each piece you create.

– Love is the primary connection between the two Human/Horse. I showcase the aesthetics of a horse with a twist of fashion. My Huggable Hooves®️ collection shows the love between the horse and human, have your horse hold your hand through life.  Horse LUV®️shows the symbol of a silhouette of two horses in a heart. You wear my design but the meaning comes from your own heart.  The Lucky Horse Shoe collection symbolizes luck and features numerous horseshoe designs from which to choose.

Tell us about your experience competing and being crowned Miss Florida USA in 2012.

– It was a whirlwind experience. Truly one of the most memorable magical experiences I’ve ever had. Hard work but definitely worth it.  I woke up one morning from a dream that I won Miss Universe so I decided to proceed along a path to accomplish – quite literally – one of my dreams. Having not known anyone or general information in the Pageant world, I started to google the information. I discovered local pageants in the area that I began to attend, meeting many people who helped me get the reins on the pageant world. That same year I won Miss South Florida USA and later in that year became Miss Florida USA 2012. I enjoyed traveling throughout the entire state of Florida, sometimes doing 3-4 charity events in one day. It was a wonderful experience.

Your love for humanity is evident in the love and compassion we see in your work. Tell us about how you use your platform to advocate for charities that introduce children to horses and their healing powers.

– Horses are so powerful in many ways, including therapy specifically for children, allowing them to speak without using words and communicate with the horse. Studies show that horses can sense the emotions of the person, which leads them to help during the healing process. It’s truly remarkable seeing it first hand. A charity near and dear to my heart is called Horses Healing Hearts, LLC in Wellington FL. It helps children of alcoholics and addicts to become better role models. This program helps people in need better their lives and find healthier healing methods to have a fulfilling life.


Tell us about each of your collections.

I have many different collections which are trademark and copyright protected – Huggable Hooves©️®️and Horse LUV©️®️ I am always inspired by fashion so I like to use colors that are on-trend. I love to see different gems and cuts and think to myself, “If I saw this in a store, would I want it?” I think it’s essential to create something that is not only beautiful but also memorable. That’s why I love what I do because it is not just for horse lovers but also fashion lovers!

Each collection symbolizes the love between horse and human. You can check out the collections on my website