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Our Kickstarter of the Month for June is an innovative company called SwingSafe. This wonderful device gives both kids and parents that support they need as a child transitions from the “baby swings” to a more traditional swing set. There is that period of time that your child is too big for the baby swing but not quite old enough to balance on the bigger swings. Swing Safe is that wonderful product, a literal safety net to protect your children while letting them enjoy those wonderful spring and summer days!

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You know you can trust a product made by parents (a wonderful mom of four) for parents just like you! After Swing Safe owner Stephanie created this wonderful product, her son has not fallen backwards on a swing since she has placed him in Swing Safe. Her son loves the swing and adorably refers to it as his “superhero swing”.


On Kickstarter, for only $19, Swing Safe comes with a free carry bag and can support your child up to 100 pounds! The designs are cute and they make a great birthday gift or a “just because” purchase for that special little person in your life.


Concussions from swing sets are a serious business, so let’s keep it safe and stylish with Swing Safe. There is no question why this is our favorite Kickstarter Campaign of the Month. Click here to help this wonderful Mom and her innovative product.





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