Kid Proof Resistant – Because Nothing Is 100% Kid Proof!

Spills, stains and accidents. We are parents, we have all been there! You may have had to say good-bye to your favorite pillow, put up with that ugly stain on your mattress or your child’s favorite dress never see the light of day again because of that ugly chocolate stain. Kid Proof Resistant is here because nothing is 100% kid proof but this protective coating fabric treatment is going to save your stuff!

Kid Proof Resistant is a protective coating fabric treatment. It utilizes nanotechnology in a water based carrier and is 100% safe around your children and pets. Kid Proof Resistant has no harmful chemicals so parents don’t have to worry about caring for their fabrics. Everyone is safe and spill free.

Durable Layer of Protection

Even though Kid Proof Resistant is very safe, it is also very durable and provides a breathable layer of protection to your fabrics without harming the color. It not only resists liquids but also makes sure that it protects against abrasion. What we love most is it offers UV protection!

Kid’s Proof can be sprayed on clothes and is good for up to 15 washes! That is fantastic for busy parents just like you! By coating the fabric with hydrophobic nanoparticles, the nanoparticles prevent liquids from permeating the rough texture.

You can use Kid Proof on any fabrics. This is great for kids, but this is for adults too! Say good-bye to baby spit up stains, chocolate hand prints on your shirt, mess on your car seats and spots on your curtains. Like clothing fabrics, this is good for up to 15 washes.

How to Apply Kid Proof

This is the easy part. Simply spray Kid Proof to a clean fabric until it is saturated. Wait 24 hours for it to dry. Top make sure everything is protected, respray again after waiting 24 hours. Be sure to test a small area before treating a whole piece.


Donating to Children’s Organizations

Kid Proof gives back to the community. They donate 10% of their profits to local children’s organizations in the areas that they serve. It is so great to see donations going to great causes!

Stop The Spill- Kid Proof Resistant!

Nothing is 100% kid proof so parents can simply prepare by using the easy and safe Kid Proof! It is safe, no harmful chemicals and they donate to incredible charities. Keep your life simple and stain free with Kid Proof.