Children love to be creative and look for various outlets to express that creativity. What better way to get your child’s creative juices flowing than through art? Kids Bee Happy -Sand Art With Faiza is the perfect way for your child to express their artistic flair through sand art!

Bright, colourful and fun, Sand Art From Kids Be Happy With Faiza has Disney Characters (including Frozen, Cars and more), Dennis the Menace, Bagpuss, JCB Pictures and more!

Browse through the store and pick your favorite pictures (there are so many for every taste!) and add some Sparkly Sand and HAVE fun!

This Art form is fun and virtually mess free for parents and children alike! Whether you are 3 or 103, you are going to love crafting with sand! Currently, there is an amazing range of Sand Art Christmas decorations on offer.

We love that you can use Sand Art for birthday parties, family gatherings or a ‘just because’ day full of creativity, imagination, artistic flair and fun! Homeschooling and schooling families alike will love the hours of endless fun. This is also a great project for classrooms. Get your school involved!

Visit Kids Bee Happy Sand Art With Faiza today and stock up today!