Kids Crafts Poppin’ Paper Clips Box Craft – Teaching your child to be an entrepreneur is giving them so many gifts. Confidence, responsibility, accountability, creative control and so much more. We adore Kids Crafts and they have a fun craft that will have your children decorating for hours! Additionally, you may start the budding entrepreneurship of your creative child. Its time to stop telling people about their dreams, show them! Let’s dive into this cool craft from Kids Crafts. It’s called Poppin’ Paper Clips Box Craft and it is so cool for kids!

This Is How It Works

When we received our Kids Crafts Poppin’ Paper Clips Box Craft, we were so excited to see how detailed the options were. From beautiful intricate butterflies to poms, to starred globes, your child will have hours of fun decorating. The clips are sturdy and allow children to attach so many different designs to them.

We were happy that this is a craft that gives our kids confidence. Yes, we were not asked for help once! The positive messaging through out the packaging and instructions keeps your child motivated! They may be that budding entrepreneur that we know that they are.

Young Entrepreneurs

There is an innovative business planner for kids for those who are interested in becoming an entrepreneur. The questions will get your child’s creativity buzzing. Additionally, they will learn to answer the questions entrepreneurs have to ask themselves when they are starting out. This is a great way for your child to understand what they are selling, its value and their time.


The instructions are easy to use. It is written in language your child will easily understand. Secondly, there are illustrations to gear up your child’s creativity and give them instructions on how to tie bows onto their clips. The instructions are great and we found our children really understanding easily what they can do.

Kids Crafts Poppin’ Paper Clips Box Craft

After being introduced to this wonderful company, we have learned that Kids Crafts is a STEAM based craft kit. It helps children with their creativity, fine motor skills, confidence and of course entrepreneurial skills. Kids Crafts lets your child dream and more importantly SHOW their dreams and make them a reality. Whether it is for Christmas, holidays, birthdays or a “Just Because”, Poppin ‘ Paper Clips Box Craft is here for kids to learn and enjoy.