Kids Halloween Costume: Safety tips & how to choose the best costumes of 2016

Halloween is expected with lots of enthusiasm by both parents and kids. A month from now everyone will start looking for last-minute Halloween costumes. If you want to avoid all that stress, plan ahead and get the costumes early.


Together with Sophia’s Style, we gathered the best in Halloween costumes for children to help you decide what costume you should get, and most importantly, how to pick it!


Find out what are the most popular Halloween costumes for kids this year and get the best costume for your little one!



How to Pick The Perfect Costume

Picking the perfect Halloween costume for your baby or tot can be a challenge. There are lots of aspects to take into consideration, besides your kid’s preferences. Here are some things you should check out before buying a costume:

Pick The Costume Depending On The Kid’s Age:

Depending on your baby’s age, here are some suggestions of costumes:

Costumes for Baby Girls and Boys

  • Bunny costumes
  • Pumpkin costume
  • Lion costume
  • Cat costume

Costumes for Toddlers

  • Lamb costume
  • Doctor costume
  • Mermaid costume
  • Spiderman costume


These costumes have a positive message associated with them, so your little one won’t have any nightmares or get scared of the scary costumes.



Photo: Doctor Costume



Photo: Lamb Costume


Top 5 Halloween Costumes For Babies and Tots In 2016

Here is our top with the best costumes for kids this year:

Top Costumes for Boys

  1. Superhero Costumes
  2. Harry Potter Costumes
  3. Astronaut Costumes
  4. Firefighter Costumes
  5. Pumpkin Costumes



Photo: Firefighter Costume





Photo: Astronaut Costume


Toddler boys are usually at the age of watching movies and already dreaming of their future career. So inspire them with the right costumes and give them enough confidence to trick or treat the whole neighborhood!

Top Costumes for Girls

  1. Lady Bug Costumes
  2. Bunny Costumes
  3. Tinkerbell Costumes
  4. Minnie Mouse Costumes
  5. Witch Costumes


Photo: Lady Bug Costume


Photo: Bunny Halloween Costume


Toddler girls love funny, yet adorable costumes. Bunny, lady bug or even a costume inspired by her favorite cartoon character such as Minnie Mouse or Elsa from Frozen are a couple of great options.

Choose the Right Fabrics: Flame resistant

Halloween atmosphere’s wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for the carved pumpkins and  candles. But the lovely pumpkin scented candles can easily transform into a safety hazard. Don’t let your toddler run around without supervision and make sure the costume is flame resistant.


Synthetic fibers (polyester and nylon) are a better option than natural materials because they tend to melt rather than to ignite. And that gives you enough time to put any flames out fast.

Dress Weather Accordingly

Weather in October can be tricky. Today is raining, tomorrow the sun shines. Either way, the temperature is probably going to be pretty low, so make sure your kid is dressed accordingly.


Sleeveless costumes or very short dresses aren’t probably a good idea if you’re planning a couple of Trick or Treat trips. Make sure the costume is loose enough for some extra layers of clothes underneath.


Soon September will end and if you haven’t found the perfect Halloween costume for your little one, you may need to improvise. Avoid the extra stress and take your kid shopping while you still have some time left. Hurry up and don’t forget that Halloween is a great celebration for grown-ups too, so have some fun while helping your kid preparing!